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Thermotex™ is a convenient, portable therapy system that you can use at home, in the office, while driving or on vacation to provide effective temporary pain relief wherever and whenever you need it. Thermotex™ produces infrared heating to provide deep penetrating warmth for temporary relief of acute and chronic pain.

The Far Infrared light waves that Thermotex Therapy Systems produce are invisible. The energy produced is radiant (like visible light) and has been shown to be absorbed by the body up to 2.36 inches, raising body temperature resulting in an increased blood flow through vasodilation. The increased blood flow helps reduce inflammation and delivers an analgesic effect, resulting in pain relief.

Pain from injury and chronic ailments can be debilitating and keep you from participating in the activities you enjoy. Below are a few of the conditions Thermotex™ has provided temporary relief of pain:
Pain from Injury Chronic Pain
• Back pain
• Golfer's / Tennis elbow
• Rotator cuff tendonitis
• Sprains & Strains
• Lactic acid build up
• Back pain
• Arthritis
• Bursitis
• Fibromyalgia
• Tendonitis
TTS Professional
THERMOTEX Professional System
USD $749.00 / CAD $749.00
Designed to be used on a treatment bed, the professional unit will cover a patient's entire back and is ideal for chiropractic or therapy practitioners. Of the 6 elements in this unit 2 are positioned to treat the neck and shoulders, a larger element covers the spine and 3 smaller pads curve comfortably around the hips.
TTS Platinum System
THERMOTEX Platinum System
USD $249.50 / CAD $249.50
The ultimate in effectiveness and comfort, the Platinum has been designed with three individual elements joined together as one unit. Its adjustable straps enable you to fit the Platinum comfortably almost anywhere on the body, and its flexibility allows better isolation of the affected area.
Chi Energizer (Chi Vitalizer) CY 106
USD $129.00 / CAD $129.00
A single element device ideally suited to heavily-muscled areas of the back.
THEMOTEX TTS Wrist Therapy System
THERMOTEX Wrist Therapy System
USD $99.50 / CAD $99.50
The newest Thermotex system is effective at repetitive strain injuries of the wrist and forearm. This model uses 1 - 2"x 8" infrared insert utilizing only 8 watts of power. This model is best suited to treating conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
USD $189.50 / CAD $189.50
Also of the two-pad design, it is best suited for treatment of knee, thigh or calf injuries.
Chi Energizer (Chi Vitalizer) CY 106
THERMOTEX Elbow System
USD $189.50 / CAD $189.50
The Elbow model is comprised of two individual pads in a flexible configuration to treat conditions such as tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury or other injuries of the hand, wrist or elbow.
Chi Energizer (Chi Vitalizer) CY 106
USD $149.00 / CAD $149.00
The Foot Therapy System is comprised of a single foot sack for both feet, and uses dry heat therapy for pain relief of conditions such as tendonitis, foot sprains, and inflammation.
What does Infrared do?
Through the absorption of infrared thermal energy, tissues are safely and gently heated increasing blood flow within the treated area. Your body’s natural response to this increased temperature is to try to maintain a condition of homeostasis—a balanced environment or state of equilibrium throughout the body. To do this, your body responds with a rapid increase in blood flow to the area.
Thermotex™ is the natural approach to effective pain relief

Conventional heating pads
Thermotex™ is a registered medical device with the US Food and Drug Administration, and has a Canadian Medical Device License (No. 33115).

Equine studies have shown therapy applications with thermal energy penetration of up to 2.36 inches. Heating pads, which provide topical conductive heat, only penetrate 2 - 3 mm. Depth of penetration substantiated in a study done by Dr. Ronald J. Riegel entitled "Thermotex Therapy System Infrared heating pad versus conventional heating pad and hot towel."

Thermotex™ infrared operates at temperatures of between 40C - 45C, versus heating pads that are often in excess of 55C. Our products will not burn or dehydrate the skin.

Pain medication therapy
Most pain medications simply disrupt the body's pain signals to the brain, masking the body's ability to recognize pain, rather than removing the source or cause of that pain. The effectiveness of Thermotex™ in reducing and controlling your pain will in most cases allow you to reduce your pain medication intake. Thermotex™ provides effective, non-invasive, non-addictive pain relief with no side effects.



Thermotex Wheat Bag Hot Gel Pack (hydro collator) TDP lamp


Easy to transport, convenient for travel

Easy to transport

Fixed location

Larger generally at one location; portable models available

Energy source

Electric socket


Electric Heater

Electric socket

Type of Heat

Radiant, light wave is infrared



Radiant, light wave is infrared - special frequencies

Risk of burns

No risk

Low/ medium

High risk


Convenience of Use

Plugs into any socket anywhere for immediate use.

Easy to use where there is a microwave

Fixed location, very hot, packs require careful handling and insulating

Plugs into any socket anywhere.

Ease of application

Designed to fit the body part, easy to use, can be used while seated or lying down

Must be held in place or use separate strap-ping to hold in place

Requires careful handling, must be insuated. Difficult to use on certain body parts

Lamp radiates warmth on to body part

In car use





Duration of use

Used for 30-45 minutes, can be safely used for over 1 hour

15-20 minutes, requires re-heating

15-20 minutes, requires re-heating

20-40 minutes

Heat Penetration

Up to 6cm

Not measured (superficial)

Not measured (superficial)

Up to 6cm

Temperature fluctuation


High temperature then cooling

Very high temperature then cooling


Cost of Use

7 cents per 24 hours based on 36 Watts

$1.55 based on 800W microwave on high for 24 hours

Very High, requires heater to be on constantly at 100C

48 cents based on 250 Watts for 24 hours

Infrared Slim Body Wrap System
Affordable Price
Our Infrared Body Wrap series are powered to deliver infrared heating similar to the advanced "Formostar" devices which are priced at from $7000 to $10,000 U.S.
4 Separate Heating Zones
Select the respective body zones (1-2-3-4).
1, 2 (Arms), 3,4 (Legs, Body).
Space Carbon Fiber
Made of Nylon, covered by a layer of PU (polyurethane) fabric, with heating elements of Space Carbon Fiber.

You Compare!
Slim Body Wrap System
4 separately controlled areas (upper / lower X 2 sides)
usually all used at once
all Far Infrared Benefits
use anywhere - can be owned and kept at home
6 separate controls - thighs (2), hips, stomach or chest, small-area (2)
usually all used at once
all Far Infrared Benefits
usually at spas/salons by the hour due to cost

An infrared lamp, it works by emitting an infrared spectrum which is specific to the mineral plate on the lamp head. It has gained world-wide renown for relief of pain, and helping stimulate blood flow in the area exposed, relieving muscle and joint stiffness, muscle spasms, sprains and strains.
Infrared Heating Temperature Benefits:
1. 30~35°C for soothing and stimulating a relaxing mood, sense of well-being
2. 35~40°C for increased soothing effect & muscle relaxation
3. 40~50°C as an adjunct to physical therapy, e.g. for rheumatoid arthritis
4. 50~60°C for increased sweating via high temperature


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