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General Operating Instructions

1. Clean the skin surface of the body area to be treated.

2. Inspect the electrode cords and electrode pads for wear. If they are not in good condition, they should be replaced. If they are acceptable, then insert the cord pins into each electrode pad.

3. Peel away the paper backing of the electrode and place it on the body.

4. Turn each Intensity Control clockwise and SLOWLY increase the intensity level to that recommended by your clinician. Usually, that will mean increasing intensity until you can feel the `tingling' sensation of the stimulation. If any muscles begin to contract, turn down the intensity slightly. (Note: Some forms of treatment may use a slight muscle contraction. Your prescribing clinician will tell you how far they wish you to turn up the intensity).

5. If at any time the electrical stimulation begins to feel uncomfortable, use the Intensity Controls to turn down the intensity or turn the instrument off.

6. After a few minutes, it may seem that the sensation of the stimulation is diminishing. This is entirely normal as your body adapts to the electrical current. Simply increase the Intensity Controls slightly until the stimulation is once again at the proper intensity.

7. If desired, the unit may be attached to your belt or simply hung from your body using a cloth strap. This is a convenient way of continuing treatment while performing your everyday activities.

8. When you are finished using the unit, turn down each Intensity Control until an audible click is heard and the pointer is on the word "OFF". This will conserve battery life. You may now remove the electrode pads from your body.

Skin Care

Care must be taken during long treatment periods to avoid the incidence of irritation under the pad site. While such irritation is rare (approximately 1.6%), it can occur with sensitive patients or improper use of the electrodes.

The incidence of skin irritation under the electrodes can be reduced by washing and drying the electrode site before treatment. Firm electrode contact with the skin over the entire electrode surface is very important. If the electrode is not secure, intermittent stimulation may occur, which might be uncomfortable to the patient and could result in irritation. Trim any excess body hair which could interfere with smooth electrode contact with the skin.

Do Not place electrodes on cut, broken or irritated skin.

Consult with your professional about using alternate electrode pad positions on your body, so that one particular area of skin does not get constant use.

Sometimes changing electrode styles may also help. Different electrode manufacturers use different adhesives. Despite the fact that TENS electrodes use hypo-allergenic materials, a patient may still have difficulty with a certain brand of electrode.

Moisturizing skin cream, applied after treatment, has been found to be helpful for many patients. If skin irritation still occurs, despite the above recommendations, discontinue use.

Care of the Instrument

The TENS unit is an electrical device. It should not be immersed in water for cleaning. A soft, damp rag should be sufficient to remove any dirt from the instrument case.

Store your electrodes in a cool dry place. Return the electrodes to their storage bag between uses.

Do not attempt to sterilize the instrument or immerse in any liquid.

Do NOT yank or twist the cord (wire) portion of the electrode cord. The electrode wire is deliberately made from thin strands of wire to increase flexibility and reduce the weight of the cord assembly. Otherwise the weight of the cord would pull the electrode right off your body.

When removing the pins from the electrode pad, hold onto the hard plastic part of the pin connector and remove slowly from the electrode pad. Electrode Cords normally last at least 5 - 6 months with normal care and will last considerably longer if reasonable care is taken.

Replacement Electrodes

Electrodes for your instrument are usually available through your local medical supply dealer or a pharmacy that has a home health center. Ask for electrodes that use the industry standard "Pin" style.

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