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Micro Current on Face Lift

Electric currents have been incorporated into facial machines for many years. The research and development conducted to assist the baby boomers” in maintaining a youthful appearance has promoted their evolution to the highly efficient apparatuses we have at our disposal today. Understandably, there is a great deal of interest around the muscle enhancement abilities of micro-currents. Many esthetic professionals are successfully marketing these treatments as non-surgical lifts”.

The combination of different variations of currents allows these machines to show great results in tissue enhancement and repair. The currents vary in the time they take to peak, whether gradually or quickly. The time the current remains peaked will also vary, as will the time the current takes to subside. The variation in the current and frequency can be concentrated on specific tissues and adapted to the individual needs of each client. The micro-currents utilized produce different effects on the muscle and the tissue of the skin.

If we look at the muscle enhancement abilities of these machines we need to understand what happens to muscle tissue as we get older. The facial muscles either relax causing poor tonus in the facial tissue, or stay contracted due to stress and habitual contraction. For example, in a young client, the zygomaticus muscles of the cheeks are nice and firm and there is definition to the cheek and jaw line. In a more mature client, the same muscles have relaxed and the definition of the cheek and jaw line is much softer. Continual frowning systematically contributes to permanent vertical lines above the nose. These changes in the muscle tonus develop over time and are due to the golgi apparatus of the muscles not responding as efficiently to nerve stimulation.

Micro current machines can be used to improve the muscle reception and re-educate the muscle to respond more effectively to regular nerve stimulation. The desired relaxed state of a muscle is semi-contracted, allowing it to function effectively. The micro-currents can help bring this memory” back to the muscle, giving better tonus to the face and relaxing over contracted muscles. This means a firmer facial tonus and diminished lines.

The other major benefit of micro-current stimulation is the enhancement of tissue repair. The circulation is improved providing better cellular exchange and regeneration.

For the best long-term results it is highly advisable for clients to complete a series of treatments, two or three treatments a week for about four weeks, followed by a maintenance treatment every six weeks. The success of micro-current application is greatly influenced by the knowledge of the esthetician or beauty therapist, as the proper placement of the electrodes is crucial. The other result oriented component is to ensure that each client practice the proper home care regime to support the treatments.

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