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Most traditional cupping technique of all
3 Sizes available
Natural Material
The Steady-Ease bamboo cups are the traditional, natural approach to cupping, smoothed and finished for comfort and safety. Pressure can sometimes reach a point such that the surface of the body reddens. While this is a normal result of the procedure, it is advisable to avoid creation of bruises by stopping the application when reddening begins to appear. Help the mouths of the cups to create a vacuum with the skin by using a cream or lotion.
Strong, durable and simple, bamboo grows throughout Asia and as such is a raw material that has benefitted people there for thousands of years. Not surprisingly, it was adapted early (after animal horn) as a material for making cups or "jars" to perform cupping therapy. So the bamboo jar is one of the most traditional approaches to the technology of cupping.

The modern understanding of cupping is that it relieves ache and pains through relaxation of muscles by the gentle massage action of negative pressure. A feeling of well-being, and also wellness, follow from giving attention to sore, strained, or overworked areas of the body.

Bamboo is a light, economical and cooler approach to fire cupping. By keeping the bamboo jars moist, their strength and coolness can be ensured. Some people like to boil them with aromatic leaves to infuse them with the plants' aromatics.
For Traditional Cupping
Securely clamp a cotton ball into a hemostat (medical forceps) or other metal clamp. Dab the cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol. Light the cotton ball.
Hold the bamboo cupping jar in one hand, several inches above the skin, and place the lit cotton ball in the opening to the jar. Withdraw the cotton ball, and place the bamboo jar opening against the skin.
3. Leave the bamboo cups on the skin for 1 to 15 minutes. You may leave the bamboo cupping jars alone, or gently slide them around.
For Herbal Cupping
Boil the bamboo jars in water with herbs for 15 minutes
Take out the bamboo jar, shake it briskly to flick off water, and place the bamboo jar's opening against the skin. Caution: do not apply if bamboo temperature is so high that it can scald the patient.
3. Leave the bamboo jars on the skin for 1 to 15 minutes. You may leave the bamboo cupping jars alone, or gently slide them around.
Size Cups Quantity
5.3 cm (Inner diameter)
4.5 cm (Inner diameter)
3.7 cm (Inner diameter)
Package Info (Durable Storage box)
0.50 lb / 230 g
Length x Width x Height
5" X 3" X 5" (13 X 8 X 13cm)
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Name Steady Ease Traditional Bamboo Cupping Set - 3 Bamboo Jars
Model Bamboo-3
Item Code 0511000160
List Price
US $6.32 / CAD $6.32
Our Price US $3.95 / CAD $3.95
Shipping US $12.00 / CAD $12.00
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Traditional Suction Cupping
Bamboo - 3 Cupping Jars (Cups)
USD $6.95 / CAD $6.95
3 Cups / Set
Weight : 230 g/ 0.5 lb
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