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Steam Sauna IG-130

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Portable Steam Sauna Tent IG-130

Portable Beauty Home Sauna IG130

Beauty Home Portable Steam Sauna IG-130


  • Excellent adjunct to weight-loss regimens
  • Cleanses and gives skin healthy tone
  • Provides muscle tension relief, soothes inflamed joints, decongests sinuses,
    and has other health benefits
  • Portable tent sets up in seconds
  • Surprisingly inexpensive

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IG-130 Portable Steam Sauna

For thousands of years steam baths have been used for their relaxing, healing effects on the body. No longer only for the rich and privileged, this ancient luxury can now be enjoyed in your own home with the Portable Steam Sauna IG-130.

With its ultra-simple pop-open design, the tent sets up in seconds. Just connect the high-performance steamer and in no time you can enjoy soothing steam to sweat away fluids, unwind, and reap many other health benefits. Only at IB3 Health can you get the Beauty Home Steam Sauna IG-130 with CE and TUV/GS certification, a 1-year warranty, and lifetime customer support...unbeatable!

Steam Sauna Tent IG-130 Versus other Portable Steam Tents


  • Portable steam sauna sets up in seconds, versus other models’ complicated assem­bly despite similar-looking tent exterior.
  • The IG-130 has a removable head cover.
  • 1-Year Warranty, versus shorter, or lack of warranty for other models.
  • Includes stool, waterproof mat, heat- resisting glove, steam-dispersing foot­plate, and free massager as a bonus gift.
  • High-performance stainless-steel steamer versus cheap plastic steamers.
  • Lifetime Customer Support.

More steam sauna features

Steam Sauna Tent Accessories


A. Removable Head Cover
B. Opening / Closing Face
C. Adjustable Neck Opening
D. Sauna Tent
E. Zippered Arm Opening
F. Zippered Front Entry
G. General-Purpose Pocket
H. Folding Stool
I. Waterproof Mat
J. Natural Wood Footplate
K. Interior Connecting Hose
L. Steam Supply Pipe
M. Heat-Resisting Glove
(For handling hot
steamer parts).
N. High-Performance Steamer
Cedar Steam Footplate
Steamer for Magic Home Suana  IG-130


  • Removable Head Cover holds in steam for cleansing facial and allows breathing in of steam. Face cover opens and closes.
  • Natural Wood Footplate evenly distributes steam, protects feet from scalding, and gives steam wood scent. Read More
  • High Performance Steamer features stainless steel 2-liter basin, timer, 2 power levels plus turbo switch. Read More
  • Zippered Arm Openings let you use your hands outside of tent for reading, making adjustments, or using the exterior pocket
  • Suitable for Aromatherapy treatment. Aromatherapy additives for this portable steam sauna tent are also available.

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The Portable Steam Sauna IG-130 provides many health benefits such as soothing warmth, increased perspiration, skin beauty, and more:

General Health

  • Natural decongestant, helps soothe swollen or irritated passages and open them up again.
  • Provides muscle tension relief, relaxes muscles, improves flexibility.
  • Soothes sore or inflamed joints.
  • One of the most traditional treat­ments for restricted airways.
  • A highly effective way to use aromatherapy treatments.
  • Relaxes body and soul, reduces fatigue, and lets you sleep better.
  • Effective cleansing and enhanc­ed perspiration, for glow­ing skin and a vital body.

Skin & Beauty

  • Makes skin bloom, natural way to achieve a younger look.
  • An excellent adjunct to weight-loss programs.
  • Deeply cleanses skin, loosens grease and dirt from pores
  • Improves the look of acne.

From Our Customers

“Your portable sauna is great! Not often you can really feel you are getting your money’s worth out of products today but it was worth every penny to me. The unit produces a steam just right for a nice long good sweat and that is what I wanted. I was paying 50 a month for a gym membership but your steamer does a better job right here at home and has saved me a lot of money to boot. Thanks for a good product” - Jim from Springfield, MO

“This product has given me clear and healthy skin. I'm very pleased with the unit overall”
- Kevin from Chicago, IL

“This is the 2nd steamer I am ordering it is fabulous. I ordered my first one about 4 yrs ago. I highly recommend it.”
- April from Lakeridge, VA

“My IG-130 Beauty Home Sauna has actually helped me lose weight! Combined with dietary change, I lost 10 lbs and have kept the weight off for a year so far”
- Sandra from Santa Rosa, CA

“Your product seems to be the best from others I have researched.”
- Howard from San Francisco, CA

From the Experts

“...Researchers at Exeter University in Britain have given scientific validation to the old-fashioned steam inhalation as a treatment for colds and flu. These viruses are very sensitive to steam, which can actually kill them off. ”
- Chrissie Wildwood From Aromatherapy: The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy

“[Alternative physicians] use saunas as an easy, pleasant way to help people release toxins like pollutants and heavy metals...It dramatically increases the detoxification capacity of your skin and optimizes the skin’s ability to normalize its protective mantle and pH...Hot steam particularly helps respiratory diseases and rheumatic pain...” - Linda Page, N.D., PhD From Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-Healing for Everyone

“Breathing in the vapors of an herbal infusion high in essential oils is a good way to treat upper and lower respiratory passages. These parts are otherwise difficult to reach. Inhalations can provide invaluable local and symptomatic relief...” - Peter Holmes, L. Ac, M.H. From The Energetics of Western Herbs: A Materia Medica Integrating Western & Chinese Herbal Therapeutics

Portable Steam Sauna and Reed Massager

IG-130 Home Sauna &
Wooden Reed Massager Package

Relax your muscles with this traditional Wooden Reed Massager, just like the ancient monks of Shao Lin. Model MW016 (Pai Sa Bang).

Only $9 USD with your IG-130 purchase (Regular $15.95)

More Details

Steam Sauna & Turbo Spa Combo

IG-130 Home Sauna &
Turbo Spa Whirlpool Massager Package

No need for a home jacuzzi with this therapeutic jet spa that fits right in your own bathtub. Creates hundreds of soothing, swirling jet bubbles.

Only $49 USD with your IG-130 purchase (Regular $55.95)

More Details

Steam Sauna & Aromatherapy Package

IG-130 Home Sauna &
Aromatherapy Package

Aromatherapy can brighten our emotions, calm the nerves and soothe our bodies. This 5-pack of essential oils is perfect for infusing sauna steam.

Only $19.95 USD
(Regular $44.70)

More Details


Beauty Home Steam Sauna  IG130
(Also known as: Magic Home Sauna)


Steam 40°C ~ 50°C


Folding (Pops open), built-in structure


Tent, Head Cover, Folding Stool, Wood Footplate, Stainless Steel Steamer & connecting parts, Heat-Resisting Glove, Water­proof Mat, Manual, plus Free Ball Massage Glove


 L 31.0 x W 28.8 x H 39.2 (inches) / L 780 x W 720 x H 980 (mm)


23.7 lbs gross (not including steamer weight)



2 liters


11.4 x 12.6 x 8.8 (inches) /
285 x 315 x 220 (mm)


110V, 60 Hz, 800 W


2.5 kg


15 / 30 /45 mins


Hi / Low, plus additional Turbo Setting

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to get your IG‑130 Steam Sauna here
at IB3Health


Sets up
in 5 secs.


Sauna tent, head cover, steamer, folding stool, wood footplate, & more!

  See Sauna Parts below

Turbo Spa or Reed Mas­sager Sauna Packages

(Not available for reconditioned models)

Steam Sauna Package Offers


Planets Body Massager

Free Planets Massager

With IG-130, 290, & 170 Models. Not valid with reconditioned or other models, or packages


Steam Sauna Parts
Full line of parts keeps your sauna working like new.
Sauna Steamer
Steamer for IG-130, IG‑290, & IG-170 Saunas
Parts for Sauna Steamer
Parts for IG-130 Sauna
Parts for IG-290 Sauna
Parts for IG-170 Sauna
Parts for JYS Saunas
Natural Essential Oils
To complement your Steam Sauna experience.
Chinese Herbal Baths
Ancient healing remedies to ease pain and more...
Older Sauna Models
More On Steam Saunas
What a steam sauna
will do for you
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