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The Beauty Home Sauna is the Original and Still the Best Value Steam Spa!

You will have seen that the sauna usually seen on TV cannot compare with the Beauty Home Sauna IG130 - for the superior warranty, for the convenience of setup (Beauty Home Sauna's folding frame needs no assembly, sets up in just seconds, hassle-free).

But let's take an in-depth look, and compare details of how the IG-130 is superior to other portable steam saunas, although they may look similar!

TENT TEXTURE, outside and inside, tells you that the IG-130 is a higher quality product. The fabric is substantial to the touch, does not sag or wrinkle. The quilting is also better, with a much firmer padding between the exterior and the rigid board of the tent wall than you will find in other brands. This quality gives structure to the IG-130 tent, while others are floppy and tend to lose shape.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND HIGHLY PORTABLE -The Beauty Home Sauna weighs less than 28 lbs, including a folding stool.

WATERPROOF LAYER inside is a higher quality fabric, more robust.

STEAM INTAKE CONNECTER -Even this part of the IG-130 is much larger, with a wide, solid base anchored in the sauna tent, instead of a flimsy plastic joint.

NATURAL WOOD FOOTPLATE -Very important, the IG-130 delivers its steam through a connecting hose to a natural wooden footplate so the steam can disperse evenly upwards. This protects feet from burns, as can be experienced in cheaper models that just have a hose on the ground without a disperser.

Steam Sauna IG130 Comparison


The steamer for the IG-130 is larger than many other steamers, partly because of superior construction and design, and partly because the capacity is a full 2 liters.

On the IG-130 steamer the timer mechanism is larger and more robust, plus the larger circumference permits fine-tuning of your time settings, right to the minute.

The steamer liner is stainless steel, not plastic like in the other brands. Unlike plastic, steel stands up to the punishment over time, won't be discolored by additives nor break down or be chemically altered by impurities in boiling water.

When operating, the steamer has a glass lid, not just a plastic cover like the cheaper steamers. With stainless and glass, the steam is not produced in contact with plastic parts.

And finally, the IG-130's steamer has both high and low heating settings, plus a special turbo-heating switch for rapid start-up heating. Far superior to other steamers that give you only "on" or "off".

Free Lifetime Customer Support and much more, only at IB3 Health

At, we offer unsurpassed service, support, knowledgable staff, and availability of parts. Unlike some other vendors that pop up and disappear, we have been selling health products since 1987. Should you need free technical advice over the life time of your sauna, you can count on us.

There are many other models on the market, some of which we have carried in the past and seen outperformed and outlasted again and again by the Beauty Home Sauna IG-130. That's why we are so confident in its quality, that in addition to a 30-day money back guarantee, we offer an unbeatable 1 Year Warranty. Plus, with Quality Certification (CE and TUV/GS) and its high-performance steamer, you can enjoy your steam sauna experience worry free.

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to get your IG‑130 Steam Sauna here
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Sets up
in 5 secs.


Sauna tent, head cover, steamer, folding stool, wood footplate, & more!

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Turbo Spa or Reed Mas­sager Sauna Packages

(Not available for reconditioned models)

Steam Sauna Package Offers


Planets Body Massager

Free Planets Massager

With IG-130, 290, & 170 Models. Not valid with reconditioned or other models, or packages


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Full line of parts keeps your sauna working like new.
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