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Achieve radiant skin by removing dead skin layers with diamond-particle peeling tip. Features LCD with guiding animation and after-care mister.

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*Serum not included.

Skin Peeling Microdermabrasion Diamond Peeling

Peel Life Skin Peeling Microdermabrasion Detail Photos
Auto mode has LCD animation directing application strokes and timed duration for 5 separate areas of the face.
4-level intensity control in manual mode.
Nano-particle serum mist sprayer included for after-treatment.
Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of non-use, or if overheated.
Opens like laptop, with wide 10" mirror.
Peelife - Natural Diamond Peeling Microdermabrasion - Get Amazing Results with Peelife
The Peelife® Complete system is a revolution in at-home skincare, for the first time offering a professional grade device complete with an after-treatment serum mist sprayer. The Peelife® Complete system offers a fast, gentle, and extremely effective microderm treatment delivered in the comfort of your own home, with similar quality as provided in salons, spas, and dermatologists' offices.

Our device offers 4 power levels of exfoliation, so you can choose your comfort level and get the best possible skin exfoliating treatment depending on the area of the face or body you are treating. Featuring a natural diamond peeling tip, that is 100% Crystal free, meaning there is no mess or long cleanup time needed. You simply turn on the device and apply the diamond tipped exfoliating wand to the skin. A 5-10 minute treatment a few times per week is all you need to achieve glowing, radiant skin.

The Peelife® system works by gently and powerfully exfoliating the top 3-5 layers of outer dermis, removing dead skin cells. This exposes the fresh new layer beneath, giving the skin a smooth and glowing appearance. Over time, these home treatments reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and brown spots on the face and body. Uneven skin tone and texture will gradually appear smooth and uniform, just like getting a microderm at a professional Spa.

A. Unit in closed
B. Nanometer
Serum Mister
C. 10" Mirror
D. Peeling Tip
E. LCD display
F. Vacuum Hose
G. Power Switch
H. Auto/Manual
I. Start/Stop
J. Intensity Up / Repeat
K. Intensity Down / Repeat
L. Filters (100x)
M. Sebum (Nose Oiliness) Cleaning Tip
N. Peeling Tip Cover
O. Brush
The Peelife Complete LCD Animation Assist Feature


The Peelife’s Auto Mode has an animated LCD graphic that guides your peeling tip strokes through all 5 areas of the face, and auto-adjusts intensity levels and timing for each area.

The Five Steps of Peelife Microdermabrasion Treatment

The Nanometer Facial Serum Mister

  • Converts water-based serum (not included) into nano-droplets, smaller than 100 nm for maximum skin absorption.
  • Even serum distribution actually helps absorb moisturizer.
  • Advanced Blue and Red LED light to enhance the look of skin affected by un­even pigmentation or sun damage.
More Details
Peelife Directions
1. Wash face with soap and water.
2. Sterilize the diamond peeling tip with alcohol.
3. Place the Sterilized diamond tip on the wand
4. Insert the black filter.
Auto Mode
1. Press the power switch on. LED color turns from red to green. The self-check (Motor, LED and LCD operational check) function starts.
2. Select the AUTO Mode by pressing the Auto Mode Switch. Auto Mode and Manual Mode are selected alternately by each press of the Auto switch.
3. Press the Start/Stop switch to activate the device
4. Exfoliate the region displayed on the LCD screen in the direction shown by arrows.
Peelife - Natural Diamond Peeling Microdermabrasion - in Use
Procedure Peeling Region Level Set Time
Cheeks 3 60 Sec.
Around Mouth 2 30 Sec.
Around Eyes 1 30 Sec.
Forehead 4 30 Sec.
Nose 4 30 Sec.
5. For repeating the exfoliation of the region desired, press the Repeat switches to select the region desired. Next, press the Start/Stop switch.
After Treatment
1. Clean face with toner.
2. Apply serum to face with Nanometer mist sprayer.
3. After serum is fully absorbed (usually 5 minutes), apply moisturizer, and sunblock if spending time outdoors.

CHEEKS: Stroke with the peeling tip following Arrows 1- 3, while holding nose with other hand.

AROUND LIPS: Follow Arrows 4 and 5. Do not touch your lips with the peeling tip.

AROUND EYES: Stroke downwards between eye and ear (Arrow 6), outwards on temple (Arrow 7), and below eye (Arrow 8). Do not stroke eyelid.

FOREHEAD: Stroke outwards, and work your way upwards with horizontal strokes (Arrows 9 & 10).

NOSE: Cover entire nose as per Arrow 11.

DIMENSIONS (W X D X H) 30 X 23 X 7.5 cm / 12" X 9" X 3 "
NET WEIGHT 2.8 lbs / 1300 g
Peelife Complete with Replacement Peeling Tip


Even the peelife’s unique peeling tip will eventually dull after heavy usage, so it’s a good idea to have a replace­ment tip on hand to ensure optimal performance for years to come.

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Peelife Complete
Name Peelife Diamond Peeling Complete Microderm with Filters
Model Peelife Complete
Item Code 0205700042
List Price
US $254.40 / CAD $254.40
Our Price US $159.00 / CAD $159.00
Warranty 1 Year
Shipping US $23.00 / CAD $23.00
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.

Peelife Complete
Name Peelife Diamond Peeling Complete with Spare Tip
Model Peelife Complete
Item Code 0205700048
List Price
US $287.92 / CAD $287.92
Our Price US $179.95 / CAD $179.95
Warranty 1 Year
Comment Valued at $218.95 if sold separately
Shipping US $25.00 / CAD $25.00
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.

Peelife Only
Name Peelife Diamond Peeling Microderm only
Model Peelife Only
Item Code 0205700040
List Price
US $238.40 / CAD $238.40
Our Price US $149.00 / CAD $149.00
Warranty 1 Year
Shipping US $25.00 / CAD $25.00
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.

Name Replacement Diamond Tip for Peelife System (Parts)
Item Code 0205300042
List Price
US $41.52 / CAD $41.52
Our Price US $25.95 / CAD $25.95
Shipping US $16.95 / CAD $16.95
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.

Name Filters 100pc for Peelife Microdermabrasion (Parts)
Item Code 0205300045
List Price
US $25.52 / CAD $25.52
Our Price US $15.95 / CAD $15.95
Shipping US $12.95 / CAD $12.95
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.
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