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NoTime Negative Ion Beauty Massager
Girl using negative ion facial massager

NoTime Negative Ion Beauty Facial Massager

NoTime Negative Ion Beauty Facial Massager

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  • Professional salon treatment at home with negative ionizer, infrared, and micro-vibration
  • Restores a youthful look by helping cleanse skin and improving absorption of skin care products
  • Noticeable improvement on the look of sun-
    damaged skin, age-spots, sags, and fine lines

Infrared, vibration, and Ionizing Icons


"I never thought this would work. I used it one time and had instant results. …Once you get your information programmed into the device, it is easy as pie to operate. ... I used this on my face and neck to firm up my skin and get rid of laugh lines. It really firmed up my skin and you can barely see the laugh lines. I went from having three laugh lines on each side to having one faintly visible. I will definitely use this daily since it provides unbelievable results. …The fact that this comes with a charger is a huge plus. A lot of other devices like this take disposable batteries. I am ditching my Clairsonic for this!"

L. A., Milwaukee, WI

"After using this massager for 2 months … all the wrinkles and pigments gone, skin is MUCH [more] full and people think I`m less than 23 (but I`m 33). Follow the instructions and your skin and yourself will be satisfied!"

- Sherry, Chicago, IL

"It works for me and I love it! After a week of consistent use with my usual cosmetic products my skin really does feel firmer, lifted and looks lighter. It really helps to clean skin and helps absorb cream deeper. My forehead wrinkles now less visible… Your company is professional and I received this very quickly! The product and packaging look beautiful, if you are looking for a gift. Also, it came with easy to follow instructions."

- SN, Bolton, MA

"First week didn't seem to do much for me, but as time has gone by I have noticed a huge change in my skin. My acne has cleared up like never before and it's nice to wake up looking as good as I do after having applied my makeup. I am young, but I do not want wrinkles and I know this will keep my face looking good throughout my 30's, 40's, and so on. Overall, the price is excellent compared to getting Botox or fillers. … It is very easy to use and the charge of the battery lasts a long time. The 16 minutes that this machine does will keep you looking 16 years younger. Buy this massager! You will not regret it!!"

- Alice, Beaumont, CA

"5 out of 5 stars! This little device makes my skin feel better overnight …the laugh lines are now barely noticed, a must have product."

- Tortuga, New York, NY

"I this bought for family and friends too. It is cordless with chargeable base making it easy, no cord hanging around your arms. I am 64 years old , after using for 3 months, I have no jowl. Now for almost 7 months I have a chiseled jawline, no sad looking got rid of [my and my friend's] crowsfeet. I love it, use it everyday."

- Chai, Liberty Hill, TX


Stop covering up blemishes and start having noticeably younger-looking, clear, firm skin with this cordless beauty massager’s unique 3-part combination of deep-cleansing negative ions, rejuvenating infrared therapy, and vibration massage that stimulates deep tissue and facial muscles.

Deep-Cleansing Negative Ions
The Notime Ionizing Beauty Facial Massager produces cleansing negative ions that cause oil, dirt, and dead skin cells to form particles that are easier to remove during washing. Helps fight bacteria and get a deeper level of clean for beautiful, clear skin.
Vibration Massager
Integral 3-level vibrating mode. Massages deep skin layers and supporting muscles as well as the lymph system of face and body; skin appears firmer and brighter, tightens pores.
Infrared Therapy Infrared Light Therapy
The NoTime Ionizing Beauty Facial Massager's infrared LEDs emit gentle warmth that penetrates deep below the skin - a rejuvenating treat that promote skin's recovery from damage and reverses the signs of aging.
Improve Moisture Absorption
Another plus side to negative ion therapy is that it conditions the skin for better absorption of skin care products, and allows moisture and nutrients to permeate deeper into skin surface.
Components for the Notime Ionizing Beauty Massager
otime Negative Ion Beauty Massager
t Notime Negative Ion Beauty Massager - Charge
Using the Notime Ionizing Beauty Facial Massager

The Massager is suitable for dry, oily, sensitive, or aged skin. At first, daily treatment is recommended, or for sensitive and oily skin, every 3-4 days. After the first month, treatments are only needed once or twice weekly.

The Notime Ionizing Beauty Facial Massager should be used with continuous movements, without lingering over the sensitive eye contour. Movements are from inner to outer areas of face, from lower face upwards, until pre-programmed time stops automatically.

Your massager comes with instructions for skin care programs, based on age and skin conditions. Four operating modes (below) form steps 1-4 of the skin care programs.


The Cleansing mode's settings are designed to loosen excess oil and impurities, for a deeper cleansing when you wash. Ionizing helps fight bacteria on your skin.

After applying essences or other skin products, the Nutrient mode's gentler intensities are geared towards helping skin retain maximum absorption of moisture and nutrients.

The Massage Mode focuses on stimulation, giving skin and facial muscles an invigorating, rejuvenating massage, reducing the look of sags, fine lines, blemishes, and age spots.

The Lifting mode disables vibration and allows the ion & infrared functions to work their magic with calibrated settings for tightening pores and giving skin a firm, smooth look.

Ionizing Beauty Facial Massager Technical Specifications:
 Power Supply  Input: 110V~120V or 220V. Output: DC 9V / 250mA
 Treatment Area Diameter: 3cm / 1 3/8 "
Dimensions 3.5 x 1 (cm) / 1 3/8 " X 0.5"
 Package Info 24x 23 x 7 (cm) / 9 3/8 " X 9 " X2 3/4 "
Weight: 700 g / 1.54 lbs
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Name Notime Negative Ion Beauty Massager 110V (9V;250mA)
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Name Notime Negative Ion Beauty Massager 220V (9V;250mA)
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