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This Micro 400 Tens unit is a battery powered multi frequency pulse generator. It sends electrical impulses through the skin using disposable conductive electrodes. The device has very few adjust ments which makes the Mirco 400 Tens very easy to use.
The main adjustments are current ( Labeled current on the front of the Micro 400 Tens)WAVE FORM and FREQUENCY. The current can be adjusted from 25 microapms to 8 millianosusing the knob labeled CURRENT on the top of the unit. Rotating the knob clockwise will in crease the current output. There are four frequenccies which are labeled. F1, F2, F3 and F4. The frequencies are adjusted by the knob labeled frequency to align the line on the knob with the frquency labeled on the face of the instrument.F1=0.3 Hz, F2=9.1 Hz, F3=30Hz, F4=292 Hz.

Attention!A prescription is required to buy TENS devices in the U.S. Use our Prescription Form, or a Health Care Provider’s form.

1. MICRO400 Unit
2. TENS Leadwires with Shielded Female Right Angle 2mm Plugs
3. Four self-adhering electrode pads
4. Instruction Manual
5. Comes in a black plastic (High Density Polyethylene) protective carrying case, environmentally friendly, lined with foam padding, with compartments for Micro 400 unit and accessories
6. Battery
Turning the Tens ON and OFF
On the (Top) threr is a switched knob labeled ON. When the knob is rotated clockwise, the switch is in the ON postion, the indicator (Light) on the (TOP) of the Mirco 100 tens will come on and begin to flash. The Tens is On, When the knob is rotated fully counter-clockwise, the device will be OFF and the light will go OFF. .
The CURRENT is the amount of electricity which enters the patient's body. The ON/CURRENT knob on the top of micro 400 Tens controls the CURRENT.
It is labelled 1 thought 8. Turning the knob clockwise incereases the CURRENT.There are tow ranges for the CURRENT. These ranges are High which is 0 to 8 millimamps and is labeled MA and Low which is 0 to 900 ma microamps and is labeled µa..
Frequency Control
The recommendations for when to use each of the frequencies appears later in this manual under the heading USING YOUR STIMULATOR.
Output Jacks
There are tow output jacks on the right side of the device.
The electrode jack provides the current for the treatment. It accepts the right angle sub-miniature plug which is connected to the electrode.When the frequency is 6HZ, the LEDS flash on for about 1/12 second and then off for about 1/12 second. At 10 cycles per second the flashing is much faster.
That speed is still visible to the eye and is obviously flashing. At the HIGH FREQUENCY settings of 30 and 292 Hz, the light is flashing very fast and appears to be a solid light because it is flashing too fast for the eye to discriminate the flashes.
1. Apply the electrodes to your skin before turning on the device, Set the CURRENT to the desired level, which turns on the device.
2. Although you may use the Micro 100 Tens as often as you need for as long as for need to achieve pain relief, you will probable need to use it only for 3 to 15 minutes at intervals of 3 or 4 or more hours. Some patients may find that constant use is needed to reduce the pain and that is also acceptable.
3. Always trun off the stimulator when it is not in use. This will save the batteries. The batteries are working any time the device is turned on, even if it is not connected to the patient.
4. Do not immerse the device in any liguid as that may permanently damage the electrodes and void your warrantee. You may use a soft colth and mild soap to clean the outside of the device.
5. Do not sterilize the device. High temperature may cause the case to melt.

Dual isolated between channels

Power Supply
9 volt Alkalide battery system
Output Waveform
Square waveform in 2-second cycle at 9.1Hz with changing of waveform polarity at intervals of 1 second.

Sloped waveform (ramped) same as square waveform except with 20 millisecond attack time.
Carrier Frequency
15000 Hz
Modulated Frequency
0.3Hz, 9.1Hz, 30Hz, 292Hz
Amperage Output Adjustable
0-8 ma
27 x 62 x 95 mm
150g (including battery)
Package Info
TENS Pad 4pc/pk
Batteryx 2
Lead Wire x 2
Manual x 1
Case x 1
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Warranty 1 year labor, 1 year parts
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