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Deluxe Multi-function Massage Chair RT-Z09A

The Deluxe Multi-Function Massage Chair RT-Z09A delivers high-power massage, using both air pressure and percussive techniques, separately or combined. It includes warming functions, integrated sound system with MP3 capability, and automated body scanning technology to adjust massage to individual needs. Body areas targeted by the Massage Chair include neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, buttocks, thighs, calves, feet and soles of the feet.

Relief from stress, pleasure and relaxation, the release of aches and tension from tight, knotted muscles, and increasing blood circulation (temp­orarily, in the area massaged) are only a few reasons to have a massage chair in your home.

The Deluxe Multi-function Massage Chair RT-Z09A is designed for anyone of any height to sit in comfortably. It offers six different advanced massage modes, multiple perfectly positioned air cushions, and five different pressures with three intensity options, to meet your exact needs. Settings may be customized to the individual (with memory for 4 individuals) and in addition there are 3 Special Massage modes: Point Massage, Moving Massage and Auto Massage mode

Deluxe Multi-function Massage Chair RT-Z09A
Deluxe Multi-function Massage Chair RT-Z09A
Soothing pummelling massage for neck and shoulders
6 Massage Modes: slow Rhythmic mode, Pulsating, Shiatsu, Pummelling, Deep Kneading, Kneading-and-Percussion.
Multiple air bags - in the foot and calf massage, in the seat cushion - as well as arm massagers.
Variable speed & intensity control for ultimate massage precision
Customizable individual massage programming
Features a music therapy system and soothing sound waves.
Built-in MP3 player - Allows you to play any music you want (ear phones included )
4-user history memory
Automated Body Scanning - adjusts massage heads automatically to accommodate various body types and shifts in position during massage.
VFD display and a small remote control, convenient controls for operating.
Heat function for extra relaxation on back and soles of the feet.
Multifunction LCD Digital remote control - Allows you to easily operate every massage feature.
High-quality synthetic leather
Deluxe Multi-function Massage Chair RT-Z09A - Air Bag Positions
The Deluxe Multi-function Massage Chair RT-Z09A employs multiple air bags which inflate from the lower section upward to temporarily stimulate blood circulation.
The Deluxe Multi-function Massage Chair RT-Z09A features a quiet, intelligent, vertically adjustable, quad-roller set of mechanical massage hands that emulate six massage techniques:
Deluxe Multi-function Massage Chair RT-Z09A
1 SLOW RHYTHMIC (ROLLING) MODE - Rollers roll from top to bottom for back muscle relief.
2. PULSATING - Start-and-stop pulsations target key pressure points on your back.
3. SHIATSU - Repeated pressing and loosening, just like fingers, alternating side-to-side, emulates the feel of a massage from a professional masseur.
4. PUMMELLING (PERCUSSION OR CLOSED-FIST MASSAGE) - Rhythmic knocking through kneading heads to stimulate muscles and spinal joint areas.
5. DEEP KNEADING - Deep Kneading in small, circular motions on both sides of the spine, relieves tension and soreness.
6. KNEADING & PERCUSSION - Kneading and knocking work together for full- body rejuvenation.
Point Massage Mode
Choose from any of rolling, kneading, pushing or tapping massage and position the massage heads to where you need the massage, and the heads will continuously massage the desired location.

Moving Massage Mode

Any of the massage functions, moving down the spinal area.

Auto Massage Mode

A 20-minute pre-programmed massage incorporating all the available massage techniques for a complete massage session.
DIMENSIONS (W X D X H) Dimensions Upright:
133 × 84 × 129 (cm) / 52.4" x 33" x 51"
Dimensions Reclined:
193 × 84 × 65 (cm) / 79" x 33" x 25.6"
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Name Deluxe Multi-function Massage Chair
Item Code 0201100138
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