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Woman Using YumaLight Visor


Light Therapy Visor

  • Portable red or white light therapy with full freedom of mobility
  • Treats seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and sleep disorders
  • More affordable than stationary light therapy devices

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YumaLight Light Therapy Visor


YumaLite brightens moods naturally by supplementing the sunlight we need to feel happy and healthy. Lack of light (especially during winter) can bring en­ergy and mood shifts, like want­ing more sleep, weight gain, dif­ficulty concentrating, or feeling down. For those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), symptoms can be severe.

Other circumstances make it hard for people to get enough sun, such as for new mothers, seniors, or shift workers.


Light therapy is clinically proven to relieve symptoms from lack of sunlight. Conven­tionally, this is with a large, costly lightbox. YumaLite's innovation is placing similar light in a visor, where your eye receives the light signal very well, without glaring, or affecting vision in the least.

This light triggers the body's photorecep­tors, and in turn our circadian clock regulator, stopping secretion of melatonin, to make us feel awake naturally.

How the Luminette Works

YumaLite Components - Top


A. Adjustable Visor

B. LED Lights (3 red, 3 white, selectable by mode)

C. Front Support Strap

D. Folding Arms

E. Adjustable Rear Strap

F. Power / Mode Button

YumaLite Components - Bottom


  • Provides necessary light supplement for treating symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
  • Helps sleep phase delay or sleep phase advance conditions by balancing circadian rhythms.
  • Great for seniors, new parents, persons with night shifts, or travellers with jet lag.


  • Adjustable, one size fits all, even with glasses.
  • 2 LED modes; red or white light are selectable.
  • Suggested treatment time of 30 minutes per day.
  • Portable, allows freedom of mobility and can be used while cooking, eating, watching TV, etc.
  • Simple to use, battery operated (included).
  • The most affordable, practical form of light therapy.
Girl Wearing YumaLite Visor



6" wide x 4" long (when folded) x 0.75 " thick


YumaLite visor, 3 x AAA batteries, travel pouch,
and owner's manual


3 Red LEDs / 3 White LEDs


White lights: 800 lux, combined / Red lights: 80 lux, combined


140g with batteries


3 x AAA batteries, included

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Name YumaLite Light Therapy Visor
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