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*See Also: Photon Beauty Devices and Infrared Light Therapy

Light Therapy, or phototherapy, is effective in treating the following conditions:

  • Treats acne by using specific wavelengths of blue light proven to kill bacteria that cause acne (Propionibacterium acnes)...a more natural alternative to antibiotics.
  • Treats S.A.D. by supplementing the seasonal lack of daylight with light of a certain part of the spectrum that restores serotonin levels and relieves symptoms such as depression, sleep problems, and loss of appetite.
  • Treats sleep disorders, such as delayed sleep phase disorder, by stimulating the patient's internal clock and normalizing times of day for sleepiness and alertness.


Caribbean Sun Box RB
Caribbean Sun RB Red & Blue Light Therapy
Not Available in Canada
USD $199 / CAD $199  

This FDA approved therapeutic light box uses blue light to kill acne and red light to heat and rejuvenate the skin. New research shows this treatment is the most effective yet (with an average reduction of acne by 75%). Includes protective goggles, and safe on skin.

Caribbean Sun Box RB
Caribbean Sun for Acne RB-PRO
Not Available in Canada
USD $375 / CAD $375

The Caribbean Sun for Acne is a highly effective light therapy light box that uses LED lamps of a specific wavelength to treat acne. This FDA approved therapy uses blue light to destroy acne while, at the same time using red light to heal and soothe the skin.

BlueMD Blue Light for Acne
BlueMD Blue Light for Acne
Not Available in Canada
USD $199 / CAD $199

Trophy Skin has taken those same effective, proven light wavelengths and created the BlueMD for home use. Only BlueMD provides a powerful, safe, and effective blue light acne treatment in the comfort of your own home.


Caribbean Sun Box CSB
Caribbean Sun CSB Light Therapy
Not Available in Canada
USD $179 / CAD $179

Highly effective therapeutic light box treats symptoms associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). LEDs provide long life, a full 10,000 LUX of pure white light, yet only use 9 watts of power! Portable table-top design and swing-out leg allow for perfect positioning.

Luminette Light Therapy Visor
Luminette® Light Therapy Visor
USD $259.00 / CAD $259.00
Following great success in Europe, we now carry this portable light therapy device for maximum mobility and freedom. Featuring 2,500 lux light that stimulates the most effective part of the retina without any glaring or effect on vision. Just 20-30 minutes a day will treat S.A.D. or various sleeping problems.
YumaLite Light Therapy Visor
YumaLite Light Therapy Visor
USD $89.00 / CAD $89.00
The most affordably light therapy solution by far, this portable unit is worn on the head to give the user maximum mobility. Featuers selectable red or white light modes to stimulate the retina without any glaring or effect on vision. Just 20-30 minutes a day will treat S.A.D. or various sleeping problems. Free Shipping!
Light Therapy For Acne

Treat Acne with Light Therapy

Did you know certain blue or violet sections of the light spectrum can kill bacteria that cause acne, without harming skin?

Portable Infrared LED Therapy

Penetrating infrared
for sore muscle relief and skin beauty

Portable Infrared Lamps

Rejuvenate the Skin with Hand-Held Photon Units

Our selection of
hand-held photon devices use specific light wavelengths to improve skin tone, treat acne, and more

Hand-Held Photon Therapy

Why Blue Light Works on Acne

Blue light therapy is often used to fight acne because it can kill the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. This bacteria is one of the causes of acne, and is sensitive to light in a certain range (405 to 420 nm).



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