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Not Available
in Canada*

FDA Approved
Proven results,
Lightweight & portable
UV-shileded, plus eye goggles
Comes equipped with folding stand
Powerful LEDs use latest technology

*This medical device is not licensed in accordance with Canadian law, and therefore not offered for sale in Canada

The Caribbean Sunfor Acne Treatment Device is a breakthrough treatment for acne, spots and pimples. Similar to laser treatments offered at beauty salons, the Caribbean Sunfor Acne is a highly effective light therapy light box that uses LED lamps of a specific wavelength to treat acne. This FDA approved type of therapy uses blue light to destroy acne while at the same time using red light to heal and soothe the skin. Research has shown that this treatment is extremely effective reducing acne on an average of 75 to 80%. Using the Caribbean Suna few minutes a day can help to restore beautiful acne-free skin.


The Caribbean SunRB-PRO has 144 Blue (415nm) LED’s and 144 Red (660nm) LED’s. Two surface units are angled for complete coverage. Adjustable tilting stand for perfect positioning.

The Blue Light
Often known as blue light treatment, the blue light is specially meant for treating skin that is prone to acne or already is moderately afflicted with acne. Acne is caused by a particular kind of bacteria known as the P. acnes. This narrow-band, high-intensity blue light kills the bacteria and so helps in cleansing the skin.
The Red Light
After the blue light comes the red light. Red light therapy is also beneficial for skin and is often provided along with the blue light to enhance the acne treatment. The red light speeds up the process by almost 190% to 200%. Red light rejuvenates and plays a key role in Skin Revitalizing. Treatment with red light brings a beautiful healthy glow to the skin.

Sunlight was long known to improve acne, and this was thought to be due to anti-bacterial and other effects of the ultraviolet spectrum. It was found that some of the visible violet light, present in sunlight, in the range of 405-420nm activates a porphyrin in Propion-bacterium acnes which damages and kills the bacteria by releasing singlet oxygen.

Application of the light for 3 consecutive days has been shown to reduce the bacteria in the pores by 99.9%. The accompanying application of red light, which has revitalizing properties, seems to improve response rates. Overall improvements of on average 76% for 80% of patients occurs over 3 months, with only 10% of users experiencing no improvement.

In order to gain effectiveness against acne, one should sit very close (within 12 inches) to the Caribbean SunRB-PRO. The treatment is safe on skin, although eye protection is necessary due to the close proximity of the lightbox to the user. The recommended exposure is 10 minutes per day, and while the bacteria are killed fairly quickly, it will take a few weeks before you see results and your skin clears and heals. Please consult your doctor to see if light therapy is recommended for your particular condition.


The Caribbean SunRB-PRO Technical Specifications
Power 24 Watts 110-240V
Blue Light Source 144 Blue (415nm) LED’s
Red Light Source 144 Red (660nm) LED’s
Dimensions 13.2” x 12.3 ” x 4.92 ” / 335 x 312 cm x 125 mm
Weight 4.5 lbs /2 kg
Warranty 10 Years
 Package Info Caribbean SunRB-PRO Device
Eye Goggles
User Manual


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Name Caribbean Sun RB-PRO -Not for Canada
Item Code 0402100240
List Price
US $616.00 / CAD $616.00
Our Price US $385.00 / CAD $385.00
Warranty 10 Years
Shipping US $25.00 / CAD $55.00
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA only.
Comment Not licensed for sales in Canada. Read More
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