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Not Available in Canada*

FDA Approved Blue Light Technology
Proven effective by the American Academy of Dermatology
Average user needs just 20 minutes, 3 times per week
Dermatologist-grade Acne light therapy device

*This medical device is not licensed in accordance with
Canadian law, and therefore not offered for sale in Canada

Trophy Skin - BlueMD - Before and After
Trophy Skin - BlueMD Blue Light Acne Therapy
Over 20 years of research have gone into the field of Acne Blue Light Therapy, with numerous studies proving how effective this treatment really is. Trophy Skin has taken those same effective, proven light wavelengths and created the BlueMD for home use. Only BlueMD provides a powerful, safe, and effective blue light acne treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Trophy Skin - BlueMD Blue Light Acne Therapy Features

The BlueMD acne light therapy device uses a specific wavelength range of high intensity blue light to kill the bacteria that are the root cause of acne. More than 50% of adults and children suffer from acne at some point in their lives, many of those who go on to be chronic acne sufferers. Those with mild to moderate acne are excellent candidates for acne blue light treatments, as they are most likely to have p.acnes bacterium as the root cause of their acne.

This type of bacteria results in the red pimples, zits, pustules, whiteheads, and blackheads of acne. The BlueMD uses blue light that is superior to other laser, LED, or red light devices because it is pure, high powered light that works to attack the source of acne itself.

Your skin condition will start to change within a few weeks of starting the acne light therapy regimen. You will notice a reduction in the oil on your skin as well, which is a major benefit as most acne sufferers also have trouble with oily skin.

Additionally, many of our customers notice their pore size will get smaller, and their skin will begin to be clear of acne within weeks. The acne light is most effective when used consistently each week, and when accompanied with good skin cleansing habits. The BlueMD uses the high power blue light to kill acne bacteria during every treatment, but you can help increase the effect of the light. Washing your face or body (the back is also a great place for acne light treatment) before each session will remove dirt and oil.

Trophy Skin - BlueMD - Directions

When used correctly, the BlueMD is a safe and effective method of reducing or eliminating mild to moderate acne. The BlueMD has been designed to integrate comfortably into your lifestyle, and can be used "hands free" while lying down, sitting up, or any other comfortable positions. Follow these steps to get the best possible use out of the BlueMD:

Wash and dry your face with a foaming cleanser immediately prior to using the BlueMD. Make sure that all topical acne medication has been removed. In areas of the skin that do not have acne, a light moisturizer can be applied if dry skin is a concern. Position the head of the device no more than 5 inched from the area to be treated, and make sure the bulb is directly above that area. Put on the included goggles, ensuring they fit snugly around the eye sockets. Turn the device on and use for 20-30 minutes while remaining still.

Repeat this process a minimum of 3 times per week for mild acne, and up to twice a day for moderate to severe acne.
Power 120V AC 60 Hz
Dimensions 25 ” x 9.0 ” x 4 ½” / 65 x 11.5 cm x 23 cm
Weight 2.64 lbs / 1.2 kg
Package Info BlueMD Device
Eye Goggles
User Manual
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Name BlueMD Blue Light Acne Therapy -Not for Canada
Item Code 0402100235
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