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Laser Apparatus
The use of Laser technology makes efficient acupuncture application possible without the use of stainless steel needles. With the use of the laser, acupuncture becomes a painless process and readily acceptable to young and old alike. Irradiation by laser energy of acupuncture points can produce effects of diminishing inflammation, relieving pain, enhancing metabolism, improving tissue regeneration and immunity. It is very successful for many symptoms for which the traditional acupuncture or moxibustion are applicable such as neuralgia, rheumatic arthritis, bronchial asthma, pharyngitis, arthritis, urticaria etc. Another important development of laser application is in cosmetology. This painless, germless and gentle operation of lasers is welcomed by practitioners as well as patrons. There are two main types of laser used in acupuncture, namely the Helium-neon laser and the solid state laser diodes. The depth to which the laser radiation can penetrate beneath human skin depends on the wavelength of the radiation.
Pointer Pulse DD3150
Pointer Pulse DD3710 Not For USA
$269.00 CAD / $269.00 USD
Hand Held Pulsed LASER and PULSED TENS
A combination output of laser as well as electrical stimulation. An accurate point locator.
Incorporates an effective push button stimulation feature + Laser stimulation.
What is LASER?
Laser (which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is a beam of light and power released in the form of photons, resulting from a stimulated electronic shift from the high level to the low. It has now become one important tool for acupuncture and cosmetic applications.
Medical Application
  High power laser or hot laser:
  The output of laser is between 50 and 100W. It is usually used to solidify the bleeding and to cut the tissues, called "laser knife".
  Low power laser:
  The output is lower than 100Mw. The power, because not strong enough to damage the hydrogen bonds in the tissues, causes no changes except the photochemistry effect. We call it the "cold laser" or "soft laser".
The bio-effect of the low power laser
Laser brings about a heat effect, a photochemical effect, an electromagnetic effect, and so on. But the low power laser only causes the photochemical effect. General speaking, high-output stimulation would hurt the tissues. On the contrary, low-power stimulation revives the tissues.
The low power laser works well in adjusting bio-energetic and in encouraging mechanical functions. It is effective in relieving inflammation and pain, in anti-infection, in promoting tissue repair, in accelerating blood circulation, in improving the metabolism and immunity, etc.
Promote wound discovery:
• Promote the synthesis of collagen tissues
• Proliferation of the capillaries
• Accelerate blood circulation
• Excite cell division
• Improve immunity
• Revive the white corpuscles
• Increase the synthetic energy of nucleic acid
Pain relief:
• Promote blood circulation, dispel inflammatory causes of pain
• Secrete natural endorphins
• Gate-control theory
• Stimulate the end nerves directly to block pain transmission
• Wedensky effect
• Meridians effect
Meridian point effect:
Treating the Meridian points with a low power laser can revive the related organizations without invasive fear and hurting the skin tissue.
Beauty care:
Low power laser can stimulate the skin to improve its tone. It is useful to reduce wrinkles and scars, to prevent aging, to regain elasticity, and so on. As for moles and freckles, the low power laser encourages the dissolution and absorption of melanin.
Laser Applications:
1. For pain, alleviation of chronic pain, acute pain and post-injury discovery
2. Relieve Arthritis pain
3. Stimulate healing of wounds
4. Eliminate edema
5. Sports injuries such as tendon and ligament injuries
6. The same syndromes for which acupuncture may be applied
7. Skin problems.
Laser Treatment:
  Treatment areas:
  Meridian points
Painful areas
Low impedance points
Directly on the wound or treatment point
  Distance from the treatment head: 0.5-1 cm, not more than 1 cm
Treatment times:
10 times for one treatment session, once everyday or every two days, not over 30 minutes per treatment. More than 3 treatment sessions may be appropriate for the more severe syndromes. Allow a week of rest between two treatment sessions. If treating Meridian points, stimulate 2-6 points per treatment, and 30 seconds to 2 minutes for each point.
Advantages of Laser Over Needles
1. Painless and without numbing—this method is particularly useful for treating children and those afraid of needle treatment or who are prone to needle-sickness (tension, fainting etc.)
2. Harmless—since the energy penetrating into the skin is relatively low, it does not cause tissue damage nor the pneumothorax that can sometimes be caused by needles.
3. Complete sterility—the operation is simple and there is no worry of cross-infection through incomplete sterilization of needles.
4. Simple in operation—unlike needle application which requires a degree of skill in inserting and manipulation of needles.


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