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Infrared Heating Pads
  With penetration up to 10 times deeper than conventional electric heating pads, our infrared pads are a must-have for athletes, the elderly, or anyone seeking:
Relaxation of stiff, sore muscles, muscle tension relief
Highly portable, wearable, infrared therapy, contour-designed for specific body areas.
Faster recovery of sports injuries.
Infrared Heating Pad
Infrared Heat Pads


Infrared is the most bene­ficial aspect of sunlight and natural medicinal energy. And unlike traditional electric heat, does not emit harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs).

With dozens of different shapes and styles, we offer one of the broadest selection of infrared heat pads available.

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Soothing Infrared Heating Pad Plus
Thermal-Ease Infrared Heating Pad Plus
With Adaptors for Home or Car

USD $59.95 / CAD $59.95
Includes AC adaptor for the home and one for the car
Same size (17" X 12.5"), temperature, and digital control as above model.
Relaxes stiff, sore muscles, relieves muscle tension.
Value Line Infrared Heat Pad Series
Value Line Infrared Heat Pad Series
USD $35.95 / CAD $35.95 & UP
Battery powered with charger so you can move freely.
Featuring 12 distinct models, customized for different body parts. Provides maximum comfort & mobility.
Gentle yet penetrating 50°C / 122°F heat relieves joint or muscle pain, and provides soothing comfort.
Digital Moist Heating Pad with Far Infrared
Digital Moist Heating Pad with Far Infrared
USD $72 / CAD $72 & UP
Different sizes for different body parts
Cotton material, precise digital control for temperature 30°C~60°C / 86°F~140°F and timer.
Relies on moisture being absorbed from the air and applied in combination with Far Infrared Radiation to ease and comfort the body.
Digital Moist Heating Pad with Far Infrared
QFiber Infrared Heat Pad Series
FROM USD $68 / CAD $68
Breathable, fire-retardant, and lightweight wraps featuring auto timer and 3 heat settings.
Body wrap runs between 115-130 °F / Wrist wrap runs between 105-120 °F.
Use them anywhere with included battery pack and adapters for the car, home, or computer.
Digital Moist Heating Pad with Far Infrared
Thermotex Systems
FROM USD $99.50 / CAD $99.50
Classic line of FDA-cleared and CSA-certified infrared heat pads, with diverse selection of shapes and styles available.
Runs between 40-45°C / 104-113°F.
Series features removable covers for machine-washing.
Hot & Cold Therapy Pads & Wraps
FROM USD $12.95 / CAD $12.95
Heating and/ or cooling pads, wraps, and pillows
More elaborate Vital Wrap or Cryo-Cuff systems
Large assortment of hot & cold packs
Skin Anatomy
Toxic substances are expelled via secretions through the dermis-layer fat glands.
Infrared Absorption & Transmission
Heats objects directly through a process called conversion with­out needing heated air.
  Infrared Heating Temperature Benefits
30~35°C for soothing and a relaxing mood, sense of well-being.
35-40 Celsius
35~40°C for increased soothing & muscle relaxation.
40~50°C an adjunct to physical therapy, e.g. for arthritis.
50~60°C for increased sweating via high temperature.
- What is infrared?
- Discovery of infrared
- Distance and Infrared Radiation
- What the Research­ers say about FIR
- Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Heat
- Near, Mid, & Far Infrared
- Wooden Sauna


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