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Value Line Infrared Heating Pad Series

AA Size Rechargeable Batteriessre Not Included

 Topical Warmth, Soothing for:
Muscle Fatigue
Overwork or Tension

Battery Operated Far Infrared (FIR) Heating Pad Series – For Sports Injuries & Personal Therapeutic application. Topical heat production by deep infrared radiation that can penetrate below the surface of the skin to soothe nerves and muscles.

AA size rechargeable batteriessre not included but a charger is included wtih each heating pad. Apply FIR energy directly to target areas such as arms, abdomen, waistline, thighs and back. The affected tissue will absorb the energy of the Infrared light waves fully, producing a heating effect. The temperature of the tissue will rise, and various effects of calming, soothing, invigoration and relaxation should result.

Notice the higher quality of these infrared heating pads with their superior materials and sturdy construction for both durablility and portability.

- Uses ultra-thin, flexible and super-conductive heating elements
  AA rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries are not included.
- A charger for AA rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries is included.
- Heats up quickly, low power consumption
- Uses comfortable, elastic neoprene material
- More Power, More Heat, Smaller Size, Less Weight, Less Maintenance
- Treat Injuries and Relieve Pain - Arthritis / Rheumatism / Chronic Pain / Sports Injury

  WARNING: People with diabetes or poor circulation should consult a doctor prior to use.

HEATING PADS AVAILABLE (AA Size Rechargeable Batteriessre Not Included):
Forehead pad, eye pad (mask), neck pad, shoulder pad, (upper) arm pad, elbow pad, forearm pad, wrist pad, abdominal pad, waist pad, thigh pad, knee pad, calf pad, ankle pad
Neck Pad
With Charger USD $29.95 / CAD $29.95
With Charger
USD $29.95 / CAD $29.95
Forearm Pad
With Charger USD $29.95 / CAD $29.95
With Charger USD $25.95 / CAD $25.95
With Charger
USD $29.95 / CAD $29.95
With Charger
USD $39.95 /
CAD $39.95
Abdomen Pad
With Charger
USD $29.95 / CAD $29.95
With Charger
USD $29.95 /
CAD $29.95
Skin Anatomy
Toxic substances are expelled via secretions through the dermis-layer fat glands.
Infrared Absorption & Transmission
Heats objects directly through a process called conversion with­out needing heated air.
  Infrared Heating Temperature Benefits
30~35°C for soothing and a relaxing mood, sense of well-being.
35-40 Celsius
35~40°C for increased soothing & muscle relaxation.
40~50°C an adjunct to physical therapy, e.g. for arthritis.
50~60°C for increased sweating via high temperature.
- What is infrared?
- Discovery of infrared
- Distance and Infrared Radiation
- What the Research­ers say about FIR
- Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Heat
- Near, Mid, & Far Infrared
- Wooden Sauna


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