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Infrared Vest
Far Infrared Ray Heating Vest, Thermo Wear Vest
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The Infrared heated vest / jacket generates 4 consecutive hours of warmth and is designed for low power consumption. It works efficiently for long indoor or outdoor usage. Can easily fit underneath a coat, providing adjustable warmth for a variety of comfort levels. It uses safe, low-power infrared rays to transmit heat throughout the carbon fiber heating elements held in special pockets in the vest / jacket.

High performance handy lithium ion (li-ion) battery pack plus temperature control. Batteries recharge (charger included). Batteries and heating element can be removed to machine wash the vest/jacket ( waterproof fabric ).
Infrared Vest HJ-625
Infrared Vest HJ-625 Features:
Infrared Vest
1. Features 3 heating zones (2 on the front of the vest, 1 on the back, each with a removable heating pad). Keeps the body feeling robust and lively, for comfort, mobility and responsiveness in the outdoors, or in chilly work environments.
2. Made of micro-material that is soft, pliable and waterproof, to radiate heat evenly over the body surface. The material will not oxidize in the air or deteriorate. Free of electromagnetic radiation, no external electric plug-in required during use.
3. Generates far infrared heat for the body (radiating 5-12µm light waves on conducting electricity).
4. Temperature adjustable in 5 levels, from 40° - 60° C / 104° - 140° F.
5. Chargeable Battery working time: about 3-4 hours. Charging takes around 3.5 - 4 hours. LED screen shows numerical charging level, which also blinks when fully charged. Battery life : Can charge around 500 times
6. The vest is washable after taking out the removable heating pads.
7. Convenient, can be used indoors or outdoors.
8. Has zippers along side for ventilation or 1/2 size expansion.
Infrared Vest HJ-625 Benefits:
Regulating the body's important heat-sensing area, relief of muscle tension, and soothing lower back distress, etc.
Remarkable invigorating effect for waist and back muscle fatigue as well as rheumatic symptoms.
Helps with stamina, mobility, positive attitude in more challenging environments.
Soothes and stimulates the wearer. Warms the torso and lower back, a great adjunct to fitness/weight loss
Design of the Infrared Vest HJ-625:
Infrared Vest
Instructions for Using the Infrared Vest HJ-625:
1. Charge the batteries fully before first use of the jacket, and each use thereafter. During charging, the LED screen shows the battery's charge level, on a scale of 1-9. When level 9 blinks, charging is complete.
2. Put on the Infrared Vest HJ-625 and insert the plug from the vest into input port on the fully charged lithium ion battery unit. The power indicator light of the battery unit will be off.
3. The Infrared Vest HJ-625 is powered by a group of intelligent lithium ion batteries. When you turn the unit on (press and hold the ON/UP button), the battery pack LED display is in temperature adjustment mode and you can adjust it for levels 1-5 (using the ON/UP button and OFF/DOWN buttons). During adjustment mode there is a flashing red dot at lower right of number. After a few seconds the LED goes into battery state-of-charge level display mode (flashing red dot disappears). The digital scale (red LED #'s) shows battery state-of-charge level from 1-9.
4. Put the battery into the pocket at the inner left breast of the vest after setting the temperature, and zip the vest up.
5. To adjust the temperature during heating, press the ON/UP button or OFF/DOWN button. To turn off, press and hold the OFF/DOWN button. If the digital display goes off during use, it shows that power has been turned off or the battery charge has been used up (you need to recharge the battery).
Infrared Vest HJ-625 Technical Specifications
Size: XL
Shoulder to Shoulder: 45 cm / 17 1/2 "
Bust Circumference: 122-132cm/48"-52"
(zip down for extending)
Length: 73cm / 28 1/4"
Size: L
Shoulder to Shoulder: 43 cm / 17"
Bust Circumference: 112-124cm / 44"-49"
(zip down for extending)
Length: 68 cm /26 1/4"
 Rating Voltage
 Battery Capacity
 Model 742: 2200mAh, Model 744:4400mAh
 Battery Description .LBP- 744B Li-on 7.4V, 4400 mAh (Temperature Setting 5 Grades,  Digital Indicator with Numeric Numbers 1 ~ 5 )
 Operation time of consecutive 4 Hours at Maximum Heat
 Charging Voltage
 Output Power
 15W MAX
 Efficiency of output Power
 > = 98%
 Current output Method  impulse
 Package Info
 Vest x 1, Manual X 1, Adaptor x 1, Battery x 1
The Infrared Vest is not a medical product.
Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use this product, please consult your physician before using it.
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Name Dry Heat Vest HJ-625
Model HJ-625
Item Code 0407000001
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Warranty 1 year labor, 1 year parts
Shipping US $19.95 / CAD $19.95
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