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Eye Massager iSee-310
  Much in modern life strains our eyes. Take a break from that computer and luxuriate in the soothing relaxation of this advanced eye massager, as it simulates a firm massage around your eyes, by the pressure of caring hands. With continual variations in pressure, and luxuriant heating, to firmly pressurize important zones around the eyes. In a few minutes, this amazing Eye Massager delivers calming massage for quick relief. You and your eyes will be rejuvenated, leaving you ready for the hours ahead.
Intelligent Air Pressure Modes
- Relaxing Mode
- Kneading Mode
- Comfort Mode
Infrared Heating Modes
High ~ Low (35°C-42°C)
Eye Massager iSee-310 - Whole Set
The iSee310 has been designed with great attention to detail and is focused on improving your eye care. The function modes can be applied via the user friendly remote which can be held in one hand,
and you can learn to operate the controls even sight unseen. The iSee 310 eye massager is simply fantastic after a hard day at work. Relieves eye soreness and strain after staring at a monitor all day.

Gentle infrared warming increases local circulation and air pressure gives a warming compress to the area surrounding the eye. The iSee 310 eye massager uses aspects of acupressure and Chinese medicine as well as patented massage technology to deliver an outstanding massage for your eye area, brow and temples.
Eye Massager iSee-310- Details
iSee-310 Eye Massager - Control Panel
How to use the iSee-310 Eye Massager:
1. Open the Battery Case, place three regular AA batteries inside, making sure the batteries are installed in the correct direction.
2. Click the clip button to release the strap clip, try on the iSee-310 eye massager, adjusting the strap length until it feels comfortable, then re-insert the strap clip on the back of the Massager.
3. Wearing the Massager, hold the "On/Off" button to turn the iSee-310 Eye Massager on.
4. To move between modes, press the "Mode" button to choose from three air pressure modes (Relaxing Mode, Kneading Mode, Comfort Mode).
5. To adjust the heating temperatures, click the "ON/OFF" button.
6. After use, press and hold the "ON/OFF" button to turn off.
The iSee-310 Eye massager varies its massage patterns via digital control to simulate the action of skilled hands applying firm, steady massage.

The ergonomic design places the gentle pressure all over an area full of "acupressure points", points which were traditionally considered effective to produce better general health and to benefit the nerves and brain. Today we understand these benefits as relieving tension and feelings of pressure around the eyes by relaxing muscle tissue in the vicinity, to relieve aches, pains and subtle fatigue which we perceive as "tension" and "pressure".

This effect encourages relaxation of nerves, and of the mind. The massage can improve your sleep, and enhance general well-being, not just of the eyes.
It is interesting to note a number of points surrounding the eyes which were identified in Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupressure stimulation. Also shown are the areas or conditions that the acupressure was considered to treat.
1. Zanzhu (BL2): Local soreness, numbness, blurred vision, for brightening the eyes
2. Yuyao (Ex-HN4): Facial or ocular paralysis, squint, redness, swelling, pain in eye
3. Sizhukong (SJ23): Headache, redness/pain of the eye, blurring of vision
4. Taiyang (Temple): Headache, eye disease
5. Tongziliao (GB1): Brighten and rejuvenate the eye
6. Qiuhou (Ex-HN7): Sharpen eyesight, moisten and clear eyes
7. Chengqui (ST1): Squint, spasms, myopia, redness, swelling, pain of the eye
8. Jingming (BL1): Myopia, squint, tear ducts, common cold
9. Sibai (ST2):Facial spasms, twitching/itching in eye
10. Bitong (Ex-HN8): Open and clear the nasal area
- Near-sightedness
Massaging 3 times a day for 3-5 minutes at a time can relieve and calm eye muscles which are strained by growing efforts to focus due to changes in the eye.
- Alleviate eye fatigue
Massaging for 5 minutes at a time can fully relax the eye muscles and thus lower feelings of pressure and fatigue around the eyeballs. Quickly alleviate feelings of "swollen" eyes, sore eyes, eye dryness, eyes over-sensitive to light and blurred vision, which result in eyestrain.

- Baggy eyes and dark shadows
Massaging twice a day and using constantly for 30-40 days can be helpful for the appearance of baggy eyes (the bags usually consist of fat and water) and dark shadows (which are usually caused by insufficient sleep due to stress and tension).

- Relieve "brain fatigue" and improve the quality of sleep
Massaging for 5-10 minutes every night before going to sleep can help induce relaxation in nerves in the brain so that you can rapidly reach a state of sound sleep. Calming and relaxing can also lessen symptoms of insomnia caused by over-anxiety and neurasthenia.
- Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
Massaging for 5-10 minutes every day can promote the elasticity of the skin around the eyes; and the relaxation and improved sleep and sense of well-being will boost the metabolism. The result is a smoother-appearing skin, and more attractive pigmentation. A good complement to a sound skin-care regime, to slow the aging of skin and lessen the appearance of wrinkles at the corners of the eyes (applying moisturizer while massaging can give much better results).
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Name Reconditioned Warm Air Eye Massager iSee-310
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Suitable Users of the Eye Massager:
1. University students, high school and primary school pupils with myopia, hypermetropia, amblyopia, excessive eye fatigue and other conditions caused by long-term wearing of spectacles.
2. Computer operators, architects, accountants, secretaries, teachers, drivers, or people working with precision instruments.
3. Anyone with dark eye spots, eye pouches, eye wrinkles, and those who have engaged in an excessive amount of nighttime activities.
4. Sufferers from dizziness and giddiness, soreness in the eyes, facial trigeminal nerve pains, neurasthenia, insomnia.
5. Sufferers of such eye conditions as presbyopia, astigmatism and so forth.


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