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Steam Sauna IG-130

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Girl Using Eye Massager

Eye & Head Massagers


These powered eye and head massagers gently relieve muscle aches and strain around the eyes and/or head, and have a deeply relaxing overall effect. According to acupuncture, massage of certain acupoints around the eyes and temples
also has reflexological benefits. Soothing
sounds, vibration, infrared heating, or air
pressure massage are all available features.

Group of Eye and Head Massagers

Massage can either be with vibration (sometimes even with “finger massagers”, shown at far left), or with pressurized air bags. Some models, such as the iSee371, feature both vibra­tion and air pressure massage

Eye Massager - iSee-371
Eye Massager - iSee-310
USD $59.95 / CAD $59.95
Get USD $10.00 OFF when purchased with Pinhole Glasses.
Air Pressure +Point Massage + Heating
3 Air-pressure levels, Heating range from 35 °C~42°C
Eye Massager - iSee-180
Eye Massager - iSee-180
USD $39.95 / CAD $39.95
Get USD $10.00 OFF when purchased with Pinhole Glasses.
Sounds + Vibration Massage + Timer
9 massage levels. 5-20 min. timer, batteries or adapter.
For tired eyes, bags under the eyes, wrinkles...
Pin Hole Glasses
Pinhole Glasses
USD $15.95 / CAD $15.95
One pair suits all needs
Lightweight, Durable, Use pinholes for cataracts
For sufferers of refractive eye disorders, pinhole glasses work out the eyes and assist in enhancing sight perception. Exercising the eyes' focusing ability develops their responsiveness to things seen.
Aquara Gel Eye Mask
Aquara Gel Eye Mask
USD $5.95 / CAD $5.95
Significantly improves puffiness, dark circles and devitalized skin
Relaxes fine lines and improves tone
Helps firm and improve sagging skin
Use with the Eye Massagers for improved results
iDream 1168 Head Massager
iDream 1168 Head Massager
USD $89.95 / CAD $89.95
4 Massage Modes + Music + Timer+ Hot Compress
The head massager iDream 1168 uses kneading air pressure plus dozens of tiny acupressure nodules for vibrating point massage of the scalp, at once stimulating and soothing the soft tissues.
Model No
Eye Massager - iSee-200
Eye Massager BEM3
Best Seller
6 Sounds
4 Sounds
10 Vibration Settings
9 Vibration Settings
High ~ Low
Air Pressure Massage
4 Modes
Magnetic Inserts
Pin Hole
Control Panel
Digital Control Panel
Manual Control
Power Supply
1.5V battery
or AC 100~240V
1.5V battery
5-15 Min
3 ~ 5 ~ 20 minutes
These devices are not medical products.
Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use any of these products, please consult your physician before using it.
Suitable Users of the Eye Massager:
1. University students, high school and primary school pupils with myopia, hypermetropia, amblyopia, excessive eye fatigue and other conditions caused by long-term wearing of spectacles.
2. Computer operators, architects, accountants, secretaries, teachers, drivers, or people working with precision instruments.
3. Anyone with dark eye spots, eye pouches, eye wrinkles, and those who have engaged in an excessive amount of nighttime activities.
4. Sufferers from dizziness and giddiness, soreness in the eyes, facial trigeminal nerve pains, neurasthenia, insomnia.
5. Sufferers of such eye conditions as presbyopia, astigmatism and so forth.


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