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Girl with BBliner or bbliner

BB Liner Lady Slimmer Slimming Exercise Device for Legs and Arms/ BBliner

Slimming Exercise Device for shaping
arms, shoulders, legs, waist, and
virtually all body areas

BB Liner Exerciser Photo

The BB Liner Lady Slimmer is a highly effective and easy body-slimming and shaping exerciser. With this single, versatile device, you have all you need to get slim, defined legs, arms, chest, back, and waist...a truly all-in-one unit!

Ideal for busy people, the BB Liner Lady Slimmer routine uses highly repetitive lightweight actions for slimming, rather than lengthy, strenuous workouts.

BBliner Slimming Exercises, bbliner

Some exercisers only work one area of the body...not so with the BB Liner Lady Slimmer. Toning shoulders, firming up your chest, thigh exercises, waist-slimming training, and even back fitness are all part of the BB Liner slimming workout.

Best of all, workouts donít have to be time-consuming; these slimming exercises only take 3 minutes per muscle group!

BB Liner Slimming for All Body Parts bbliner

Made of strong, yet very light­weight polycarbonate, The BB Liner Lady Slimmer is easy to use anywhere, without lugging around weights or other cumbersome equipment.

Other features include com­fortable silicone pads, and easy control of resistance
by simply adjusting the
BB Liner’s air valve

BBliner components exercise machine

BB Liner Specifications


BB Liner Lady Slimmer


20" x 9.9" x 3.3" / 51 cm x 25.2 cm x 8.5 cm


550 g / 1.2 lbs


Polycarbonate body, elastomer air pump, and silicone pads


Wipe down with damp cloth periodically

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Name BB Liner Lady Slimmer/ BBliner Exerciser
Item Code 0505000082
List Price
US $31.92 / CAD $31.92
Our Price US $19.95 / CAD $19.95
Warranty 1 Year
Shipping US $16.95 / CAD $16.95
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