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The Super Pen is an electro acupuncture device, designed to relieve pain.
Pulsed electrical microcurrents are used instead of needles to stimulate nerves.
Adjustable Sensitivity Control, Intensity Control and Frequency Control.
Point Location Sensitivity Adjusts for skin moisture level.
Audio Visual Indicator for Point Location and Point Treatment.
Light in weight and easy to use.

The pain-relieving Super Pen delivers correct stimulation to the "Biological Active Points" or "Low Resistance Points" beneath the skin. Using just one sensor / electrode, the Super Pen is designed to locate and fix the position of acupuncture "points" by sensing the skin's surface. Then an electrical pulse stimulates the point for 15-20 seconds via the same sensor/electrode. As seen in the illustrations, the process can be repeated for various points which are in need of stimulation.

The Super Pen is simple enough for use by anybody, anywhere. It is a household low-frequency pain relief device effective for aches in shoulders, numbness in the peripheral nervous system; as effective as massage. It is also effective for feelings of listlessness, tiredness, aching muscles and other symptoms.

Super Pen
Super Pen - Details
1. Battery Pack Jack takes plug end from Battery Case cord.
2. 1.5 V Button-Style Batteries (2 included) let you operate the pen wirelessly.
3. Pen Battery Cover protects and keeps pen batteries in place.
4. Sensor / Electrode locates acupoints and completes micro current.
5. Stimulation Button activates the stimulation.
6. AA Batteries (2 included) recommended for extended use when wireless application is not needed.
7. Battery Case houses the 2 AA batteries and connects to the pen’s battery.
8. Power Switch turns the pen on and off.
9. Intensity Control lets you adjust the intensity of the stimulation.
10. Sensitivity Control lets you adjust the sensitivity of acupoint locator.
11. Frequency Control lets you adjust the frequency of the Super Pen.
12. Power Indicator Light illuminates when the pen is turned on.
13. Sensor Indicator Light illuminates when an acupoint is detected.
For the Body:
Getting Started
1. Insert batteries into pen unit while noting the polarity marked on the inside of the battery cover. Alternatively, put AA batteries in the battery case and connect to pen unit.
2. Slide the power switch upward. At this time the red power indicator will light. Note that the Power Indicator will not light when the stimulation button is being pressed.
3. Choose the appropriate area to be stimulated. Hold the Super Pen the same way as if holding a pen.
Finding Acupoints
For those who are unfamiliar with the position of Low Resistance Points, or Acupoints, the following methods should be practiced carefully, so as to accurately locate the position of these points using the Super Pen.
1. Stimulation Button Method
Visually locate acupoints (requires prior knowledge or an illustrated guide). Move the sensor / electrode within the rough area of the acupoint while holding down the Stimulation Button. Acupoint location is indicated where slight pain is felt beneath the skin.
2. Sensor Indicator Method
Move the sensor / electrode around the rough area of appropriate points, without pressing the stimulation button. When an Acupoint is located, the Sensor Indicator light will come on and a soft buzzer sound will be heard.
  TIP: When locating in an area with more muscle, increase the pressure while
changing the angle of the Super Pen. Keep the Sensor Tip in contact with skin.
3. Frequency
Adjust the Frequency Control according to personal preference or comfort level.
Applying the Super Pen
1. Thoroughly wash your face to remove any oil, lotion or make-up.
2. Put a small amount of water-based facial gel on the area around the points you want to stimulate and on sensor/electrode.
3. Securely place the electrode tip against on the desired point on the skin. Try slightly moving the metal contacts around the application point for optimal stimulation
4. Slowly raise the intensity until you feel a gentle contraction. Note: Facial
muscles are delicate and do not need intense contractions. Use the lowest intensity at the beginning, and always use the lowest possible intensity near the eyes.
5. At the end of the application, wipe electrode with a dry cloth.
For the Face:
Super Pen - for face
Contour lift.
Place your Super Pen on the points as shown.
Hold for 10 seconds.
Repeat 2 times.
Position electrode at
inner edge, middle,
and outer edge of
eyebrow, holding each
position 10 seconds.
Make a pout.
Position probe at the right and left corner of the mouth. Hold 10 seconds.
Super Pen Technical Specifications:
Power Supply
3V (2 X 1.5V Batteries)
Power Consumption
0.25 W
Output Intensity 150Vpp(+/-10%)
(Load:100K Ohm)
Pulse width:1.6ms
Output Current
Battery Life
30 Minutes Mercury Cells continuous use
12 weeks UM3 (1.5v) Batteries (10 mins./ day)
Super Pen:138(L) x 23(W) x 9(H) mm
Package: 230(L) x 70(W) x 45(H) mm
Weight of Super Pen: 34+/-1 g (including mercury batteries)
Weight of entire package 430+/-10g
Package Info
Super Pen, User manual, 2 x LR44 mercury button cell batteries (wireless), 2 x AA (1.5V) batteries (home use), Battery Holder
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Laser Applications:
1. For pain, alleviation of chronic pain, acute pain and post-injury discovery
2. Relieve Arthritis pain
3. Stimulate healing of wounds
4. Eliminate edema
5. Sports injuries such as tendon and ligament injuries
6. The same syndromes for which acupuncture may be applied
7. Skin problems.
Laser Treatment:
  Treatment areas:
  Meridian points
Painful areas
Low impedance points
Directly on the wound or treatment point
  Distance from the treatment head: 0.5-1 cm, not more than 1 cm
Treatment times:
10 times for one treatment session, once everyday or every two days, not over 30 minutes per treatment. More than 3 treatment sessions may be appropriate for the more severe syndromes. Allow a week of rest between two treatment sessions. If treating Meridian points, stimulate 2-6 points per treatment, and 30 seconds to 2 minutes for each point.
Advantages of Laser Over Needles
1. Painless and without numbing—this method is particularly useful for treating children and those afraid of needle treatment or who are prone to needle-sickness (tension, fainting etc.)
2. Harmless—since the energy penetrating into the skin is relatively low, it does not cause tissue damage nor the pneumothorax that can sometimes be caused by needles.
3. Complete sterility—the operation is simple and there is no worry of cross-infection through incomplete sterilization of needles.
4. Simple in operation—unlike needle application which requires a degree of skill in inserting and manipulation of needles.


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