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Pointer Plus
Hand Held Acupuncture & Trigger Point Locator / Stimulator
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The Pointer Plus is a modern convenient health device, that can give you the benefits, that are derived from a 4000 year old chinese health science, that is now being called ELECTRO-ACUPRESSURE. The Pointer Plus Excel is the latest and most advanced user friendly hand held point locator and stimulator! Features a built-in, 0.35" x 1.0" LCD digital display meter for location of acupuncture and trigger points. Modern, hand held, 6.5" long Pointer Plus Excel unit offers sensitive acu-point or trigger point location and stimulation. Location and stimulation are independently adjusted with two separate control dials for fast and effective relief from aches, pains, swelling, inflammation, tension, and stress-related symptoms! The portable battery-operated Pointer Plus is so handy, that you can use it anytime and anywhere! It's totally non-invasive and painless, because the Pointer Plus simply tonifies or sedates the affected area!

Electroacupuncture treatment is painless and effective pain relief is only 3-5 minutes away!
The pulse frequency of the Pointer Plus is fixed at 10 Hz. (recognized in Japan and Germany as the most useful treatment frequency). The hand held Pointer Plus offers sensitive acupuncture / trigger point location and tonification or sedation. A flashing light and sound indicate when point detection is made; the spring activated detection allows a uniform pressure when searching while the grounding circuit is made by holding the metal plate on the side of the unit or with the hand grounding pole.

Accessories :
Pointer Plus Unit
Hand grounding pole
Two probes, diameter 2 mm & 4mm
Heavy Duty battery
Instruction Manual
ABS plastic carrying case
The Pointer Plus is an accurate and easy to operate hand-held acupuncture or trigger pointer stimulator/locator which incorporates a push-button stimulation feature: this may be used for the immediate treatment of the point or area right after its detection.
Point Plus Features:
1. Modern Spring Type Probe Tip
The interchangeable spring type probe provides a constant pressure to the area or points, thus providing better accuracy during point location searching. It is important to note that any part of the body may be induced to produce a point location signal depending on the amount of pressure used during location. Thus it is important when locating the trigger or acupuncture pointers to use the lightest and least amount of pressure possible on the surface of the skin. Also, the movement of the probe when searching for the point should be smooth and graceful, always maintaining the same light uniform constant pressure until the correct point is found. The unique spring mechanism of the Pointer Plus probe will add in correcting for any slight variations in the applied pressure.

2. Interchangeable Probes
Two different probes are provided for different applications. The larger probe may be used for larger areas or body points while the small probe may be used for ear points or other smaller body points.

3. Sensitivity Adjustment
The point detection sensitivity is adjustable. The “SEN” knob is used to either increase (clockwise adjustment) or decrease (counter-clockwise) sensitivity when use on different skin conditions

4. Hand Grounding Pole Accessory
The patient must hold the hand grounding pole in order to create a complete electrical circuit. This accessory is easily attached or removed from the unit. (Note: this unit may also be sued without the grounding pole, however, in this case the practitioner must contact both the grounding plate on the unit as well as hold the bare skin of the patient with his hand to complete the circuit.) The grounding pole is not necessary when using on oneself providing the grounding plate on the unit is contacted.

5.Immedicate Point location and Treatment
The button on top of the unit may be pressed to activate the stimulation mode. A continuous electric pulse of 8 to 10 Hz is emitted through the probe, the intensity may also be adjusted from 0 to 22 mA. The intensity is controlled with the intensity knob labeled “INT”
Note: The Stimulation for the Pointer Plus may be increased by lightly moistening the skin.

Electroacupuncture Device - Pointer Plus
How to use The Pointer Plus Stimulator / Locator
1. Insert the 9 volt battery onto the battery clips, the positive and negative poles of the battery should always be matched correctly with the respective battery clips. A 9 volt Duracel or other alkaline battery is recommended for the best performance.
2. Select the correct probe for use with ear or body points
The larger probe may be used for larger areas or body points. The small probe may be used for ear points or other smaller body points
3. For self use, touch the grounding metal plate on the front side of the unit and then search for the point.
4. Press each point slightly, the probe uses a spring mechanism so that a constant pressure may be maintained during location. The respective trigger or acupuncture point is located when a continuous sound is heard from the buzzer and at the same time the LED light located in front of the APD / STI button is flashing continuously.
5. The sound emitted from the buzzer may be muffled or reduced by covering the holes of the metal grounding plate with your thumb.
6 . If stimulation is required on this point, simply adjust the intensity knob “INT” to an acceptable level and press the
APD /STI button. When this button is released, the unit is immediately returned to the point detection mode. Pressing
the APD / STI button again will produce output stimulation.
7. It is recommended to begin treatment with a low intensity setting, thereafter turning the “INT” control until a comfortable intensity is reached.
8. In order to treat patients, the grounding pole must be attached with the plug jack to the bottom of the unit. The patient must hold the grounding pole to complete the electrical circuit which then activates both the detection and stimulation functions. The above procedures 6 to 13 are then followed.
9. Turn off the unit after use. Remove the battery from the unit when the device will not be used for a long period.
Electroacupuncture Device - Pointer Plus

Length Of Treatment:
The length of treatment or stimulation time depends on the point or area to be treated as well as other factors. Generally, treatment times may vary from 3,5,10, or 20 seconds, longer times may also be necessary in some cases. The best treatment times and intensities should be selected based on the practitioners experience and training.

Battery information:
Your Pointer Plus Stimulator requires 1 9V battery, use PP3, 6F22 or its equivalent type of battery (Alkaline battery is recommended). The battery is replaced by opening the battery door on the bottom side of the Unit. Slide the battery door off, remove the old battery and insert the new battery. Insert the battery correctly with the polarity according to the diagram shown in the battery compartment label. Make sure the directions of positive and negative poles of battery inserted is correct and be sure you are using a fresh battery. Close the battery door. Battery life is 4 to 20 treatment hours depending on how high the current is set and how long each treatment session is. Many short treatment sessions give longer battery life than fewer longer sessions. To avoid battery leakage, remove the battery if the unit will not be used for an extended period of time.
Do not use this device for any conditions listed below
Electroacupuncture Device - Pointer Plus
* Patients with cardiac pacemakers(unless physician approved)
* Pregnant women (unless physician approved)
* In the areas near or directly around the heart
* Over recent scar tissue or new skin
* Over abrasions or cuts


"I usually find these gadgets hard to figure out, but the Pointer Excel II is a snap to use. It's fun finding my own acupuncture points and instantly treating them!"
   — Tiffany York, Miami, FL

"This trigger point locator is extremely safe and simple to use for home treatment. I would suggest it as an effective alternative or addition to regular acupuncture therapy."
   — Dr. Thomas Chen, Shanghai, China

The Pointer PLus stimulator / Locator should be periodically wiped clean using a damp cloth and a solution of mild sop and water. Use of other cleaning solutions may damage the case.
The metal electrodes should be thoroughly washed in a 50% mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water.
The wire should be wiped clean with a cloth dampened with a mild soap solution and then wiped dry.
 Output Intensity  0 to 22 mA
 Frequency of Output  10 Hz.
 Output Intensity Control  OFF, 0 to 10
 Pulse Width  240 usec
 Pulse Shape  Biphasic square pulse with negative spike
 Push Type Button  ON/STI, OFF/APD
 Indicator Lamp  Pulse Rate Indicator
 Power Supply  9 volt battery
 Pulse Modes  Continuous
 Point Detection  Sound and Light Indicators
 Color  Beige
 Size  170 x 33x 33 mm
 Operation Temp  +16.°C TO +30.°C
 Output Channels  One
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