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Zap writers block, relieve desk stress by applying the end of this precision writing instrument on stress points for a quick, stimulating and soothing massage. Moments of pleasant de-stressing, right at your desk! Pen comes in an attractive gift box.
• User Friendly
• Use any time, any place
• Revitalization
• Headaches
• Sinus Problems
• Backaches
• Neck Pain
• Relieve Eyestrain Tension
The Massage Pen
An ergonomically designed pen with vibrating mini-massage function at its top. Includes massage chart to help locate precise pressure points. The ultimate massager for office, home or travel. Functions as a fine ball-point pen, and a powerful massage unit that discreetly soothes pressure points with the soft pulsed vibrating tip. Helps to relieve stress, headaches and fatigue during meetings and work sessions. The enclosed reflexology chart allows you to stimulate relief at specific body areas including indigestion, joint pain and even hangovers. The massage pen comes complete with battery and luxury gift case. Brand name (on package) "J-Mo".
Precautions for Use
Continuous usage for more than 15 minutes is not advisable. Do not massage the same area for more than 5 minutes.
Those with health problems and women in pregnancy should consult doctor before useing.
Stop use immediately if you feel ill, itch and reddening or bruising of the skin or any abnormal conditions arise.
Do not use the massge pen around the skin of the eyes or any other delicate areas.
The battery can last for 4 hours.
Acupressure Device JT- 05 Acupuncture Point

Help clear sinus, headaches, relaxes and stimulates.

For a pleasing facial massage.

Acupressure Device JT- 05 Acupuncture Point

Relieves stuffy nose and eyestrain distress.

Reduces tension.

Reflexology Charts:
  Massage Pen
Acupressure Guide
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Name Electro-Puncture Massage Pen
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