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1. It substitutes for prolonged manipulation by hand. This helps in the provision of adequate stimulation, because the practitioner may otherwise need to pause due to fatigue. Electro-acupuncture may also help reduce total stimulation time by providing a continued stimulus. During electro-acupuncture, the practitioner can attend to more than one subject.
2. It can produce a stronger stimulation, if desired, without causing tissue damage associated with twirling, lifting and thrusting the needle. Strong stimulation may be needed for difficult circumstances.
3. It is easier to control the frequency of the stimulus and the amount of stimulus than with manual manipulation of the needles.
TS 1211 (Identical to TENS 7000 in USA ) Common Uses
Pointer Excel II
Pointer Excel II
USD $189.00 / CAD $189.00
The Pointer Excel II is a new user-friendly hand-held device with digital display for location of acupuncture or trigger points. It incorporates an effective pushbutton stimulation feature for immediate electroacupuncture treatment of the point or area immediately following its detection.
Pointer Plus
Pointer Plus
USD $105.00 / CAD $105.00
The Pointer Plus is a modern convenient health device, able to give you the benefits that are derived from a 4000 year old Chinese health science in a new process called ELECTRO-ACUPRESSURE. The Pointer Plus Excel is the latest and most advanced, user-friendly handheld point locator and stimulator!
Super Pen
Super Pen
USD $39.95 / CAD $39.95
The Super Pen is an electro acupuncture device, designed to relieve pain. Pulsed electrical microcurrents are used instead of needles to stimulate nerves. Easily used by anyone. Delivers correct stimulation to the "Biological Active Points" or "Low Resistance Points" beneath the skin.
Acu Pen
Acu Pen
USD $24.95 / CAD $24.95
The Acu Pen is an electronic acupoint locator with acupoint location accuracy displayed as a percentage value on the LCD screen. A flashing indicator light and beep signal also vary by frequency to indicate acupoint proximity. Also has 3 sensitivity levels and is powered by batteries or A/C adaptor.
Quartz Acupressure Pen Massager
Quartz Acupressure Pen
USD $19.95 / CAD $19.95
This device uses a small electical charge to stimulate acupoints without batteries or wires, drawing its power from a natural spark from the quartz crystal inside. An inexpensive and practical alternative to “electronic” electro-acupuncture. Includes interchangeable pointed or round stimulation tips.
Other Locators and Stimulators:
IP2 Ion Pump, Point-Mate Acu-Locator
Laser Applications:
1. For pain, alleviation of chronic pain, acute pain and post-injury discovery
2. Relieve Arthritis pain
3. Stimulate healing of wounds
4. Eliminate edema
5. Sports injuries such as tendon and ligament injuries
6. The same syndromes for which acupuncture may be applied
7. Skin problems.
Laser Treatment:
  Treatment areas:
  Meridian points
Painful areas
Low impedance points
Directly on the wound or treatment point
  Distance from the treatment head: 0.5-1 cm, not more than 1 cm
Treatment times:
10 times for one treatment session, once everyday or every two days, not over 30 minutes per treatment. More than 3 treatment sessions may be appropriate for the more severe syndromes. Allow a week of rest between two treatment sessions. If treating Meridian points, stimulate 2-6 points per treatment, and 30 seconds to 2 minutes for each point.
Advantages of Laser Over Needles
1. Painless and without numbing—this method is particularly useful for treating children and those afraid of needle treatment or who are prone to needle-sickness (tension, fainting etc.)
2. Harmless—since the energy penetrating into the skin is relatively low, it does not cause tissue damage nor the pneumothorax that can sometimes be caused by needles.
3. Complete sterility—the operation is simple and there is no worry of cross-infection through incomplete sterilization of needles.
4. Simple in operation—unlike needle application which requires a degree of skill in inserting and manipulation of needles.


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