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Body Fat Analyzer
Combining the techniques and knowledge of traditional acupuncture with the modern technology of microcurrent stimulation
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Provides a guide to the effectiveness of your weight loss program by helping analyze where your weight loss is coming from—fat, lean, or water.
Lets you establish a baseline for your body composition to monitor nutritional and fitness improvements on a regular basis.
Helps you monitor improvements in muscle mass as a result of exercise and/or diet, and it warns you of muscle loss caused by inactivity, the aging process, or illness.
Helps explain "mysterious" weight gains or losses associated with periodic bloating or dehydration.
Technical Specifications
The Unit

1.5 kg
Test current less than 1 mA
Test frequency approximately 50 KHz

Power Source
Two DC 9V batteries
Adapter AC 110V/9V DC,
AC 220V/9V DC
66 x 17 x 208 mm

% Fat, % Lean, Water, BMR,Target Weight and Target Fat %.

High accuracy, comparable to instruments costing thousands of US dollars
Time Saving
Testing and results take less than 2 minutes
You can perform the test almost anywhere
Small size and light weight
Operated by DC 9V batteries
One year limited warranty.
Quality Manufacturing
Illustration showing Controls
Power switch - Power ON/OFF control. Body Fat Analyzer NO. BT-905
Lead Connector - There are two jacks on the right side of the device to allow connection of two sensor cable leads.
Sensor Cable - Each lead wire has two colored (red and black) clips. Each clip connects to one sensor pad.
Key Pad - to input data ( age, height, weight ).
Sensor Pads - The contacts between the device and the body, to take readings.
•   Battery Compartment -Takes two DC 9V batteries.
DC- In Jack - For DC 9V adaptor
The accepted method of measuring total body water is based on the dilution of isotopes of water (Deuterium or Tritium) as metabolized in the human subject over time. And there are other techniques for measuring body composition, such as X-ray scans, skinfold measurements using calipers, or weighing the body when underwater. These are time-consuming processes. But traditional body-composition estimates need to be rapid, safe, noninvasive and sufficiently accurate and convenient to use. This is a new approach to human body composition estimation that appears to fulfil many of these requirements. The technique entails measuring total body electrical resistance (impedance) to arrive at an estimate of the amount of water, fat and lean mass. Specifically, four electrodes are placed over metacarpals and metatarsals where a 50 KHz current is introduced. The detected signal level when corrected for subject height gives an index of total body water and fat free mass.
Body Composition
The body is made up of both lean and fat tissue, as well as water. Together they equal the weight you see on the scales. Lean tissue includes muscle bone, vital organs, etc.; both fat and lean tissue contain water. To have a healthy, well-functioning body, it is extremely important that the lean and fat tissue weights are properly balanced.
Now the BT-905 will help you to manage your nutrition, fitness and weight. It can not only give you an indication if you are at the right weight but also suggest whether or not you are nutritionally healthy.
Sensor Pad Placement (right foot & right hand or the side usually used)
Sensor pads should be placed on one hand and one foot, the side usually used, as shown in the accompanying diagram.
On the back of the hand, place a sensor pad on the third knuckle of the middle finger. Place a second pad on the arm just behind the wrist at the crease observed when the hand is bent back. The edge of the sensor pad should just touch the crease.
The pad on the foot should be applied just behind the place where the big toe and the first toe join. The position for the sensor pad at the ankle is found by placing your thumb and forefinger on the two protruding bones on either side of the ankle and then bringing the fingers forward to the midway point between the two bones. Place the sensor pad at the bend of the ankle, in line with the shinbone. Refer to diagrams for proper placement, and be sure to be consistent each time you test.
Connect the sensor cable clips to the sensor pads.
There are two long sensor cable leads.
At the ends of each of these leads are two clips — a red clip and a black clip (a total of four clips).
On the foot
Using either of the leads, the black clip should be attached to the sensor pad near the big toe; the red clip should be attached to the sensor pad on the ankle.
On the hand
The black clip on the other lead should be attached to the sensor near the knuckle; the red clip should be attached to the sensor at the wrist.
It may help to remember that the red clips are always placed closer to your heart than the black clips.
Body Fat Analyzer NO. BT-905
Operating Guide
Turn device On.
Warm up the unit for at least 10 minutes before testing.
Press 'C/E' key pad to select units of measure. Here Units O=E(US) 1=M(Metric). Choose 0 or 1 for input.
Press 'Enter' key to begin
Input your sex, 0=male, 1=female, then press 'enter'.
Input your height, weight and age, then press 'enter'.
Now get yourself ready for testing.
Press 'enter' key to start test.
Wait about 5 seconds for the results data to be displayed. Then you can use the green color key pad of device to select and view all data.
If the LCD display shows "Low Battery" replace batteries with fresh ones or adaptor.
If the device is left idle for more than 5 minutes, it will enter the power saving mode and the LCD will show "++++++++". First turn OFF the device and then turn On again for a new analysis. There is no need to warm up the unit again for 10 minutes when re-starting the device.
Press 'enter' key again to start a new analysis and follow the procedures from step (3)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Interpreting the Results
lbs Fat: Pounds of Fat, the actual weight of fat on your body. There are approximately 3500 calories stored in each pound of body fat
lbs lean: The pounds of lean in your body, mostly muscle and vital organs, represent the amount of your weight that is not fat.
Pints of water: A measure of the pints of water in your body can be very helpful in explaining rapid weight loss or gain. A pints of water weighs about one pound. Most of the body's fluid is contained in the lean body mass, which normally consists of 70-75% water.
% Fat: The percent of fat weight in total body weight.
% Lean: The percent of lean weight in total body weight.
BMR: basal metabolic rate. Refers to the number of calories your body uses each day just to "stay alive" — breathing, pumping blood, thinking, and so on . It doesn't include calories you burn by exercising. Your basal metabolic rate is directly related to the amount of lean tissue in your body. The more lean tissue you have, the higher your metabolic rate — in other words, the more calories you will "use up" just by being alive.
Target weight: Target weight is simply a weight goal to aim for under optimal conditions. It is based on the assumption that all the weight you lose will be fat and that lean tissue will be neither lost nor gained. Under ideal conditions, all weight loss would be fat; there would be a small amount of lean increase. This is why your target weight may change slightly as you alter your diet and exercise plan. With a healthy lifestyle, eventually your actual weight and target weight should match.
Target Percentage of Fat:
Target percentage of fat is a value which represents a "normal" percent for your sex and age. It does not necessarily represent the "best" percentage of fat for you. For example, very fit individuals often fall well below these target values. The importance of the target percentage of fat is that it is a worthy goal for those who tend to be overfat and is considered a general health guideline. This value can be seen in the display only by using the Target Weight key.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Body Fat Analyzer is not a medical product.
Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use this product, please consult your physician before using it.
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The Body Fat Analyzer is a tool to use in your efforts to maximize your personal level of fitness, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain your current level of fitness. Using micro electric current to indicate whether weight changes are based in changes to fat, lean tissue or water, the device offers its assessments of whether you are at the optimum weight and whether you are nutritionally healthy.

Based on the Ryodoraku (Meridian) theory developed by Dr. Yoshio NAKATANI, there are 12 Meridians in human body that can reflect the healthy condition of certain organs. The Royodoraku Health Monitor provides health assessments according to Dr. Nakatani's theory by analyzing and comparing their mutual relations and changes with micro electric current.



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