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Diagnostic Devices
Combining the techniques and knowledge of traditional acupuncture
with the modern technology of microcurrent stimulation
Our high quality Diagnostic Devices are used to explore the body's acupuncture points and meridians through electronic means. The readings taken by the devices give indications about a person's health based on electrical microcurrents and acupuncture diagnostics, planning for acupuncture applications, forecasting of results, and general health monitoring according to the theories of acupuncture, in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Body Fat Analyzer (No.BT-905)
Body Fat Analyzer (No.BT-905)
Regular Price USD $399 / CAD $399  
Sale Price USD $199.00 / CAD $199.00
1. Microcurrents are used to check the progress of your weight loss program
2. Establish a baseline for your body composition
3. Provide possible answers to weight "Plateaus"
4. Help explain "mysterious" weight gains
Royodoraku Health Monitor
Ryodoraku Health Monitor
USD $269.00 / CAD $269.00
1. Microcurrents check the body's energy status according to the Ryodoraku system
2. Ryodoraku Neurometer analyzes, displays result
3. Microcurrent stimulus constantly monitors & compensates
4. With monitoring electrode, carry case, other accessories

The Body Fat Analyzer is a tool to use in your efforts to maximize your personal level of fitness, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain your current level of fitness. Using micro electric current to indicate whether weight changes are based in changes to fat, lean tissue or water, the device offers its assessments of whether you are at the optimum weight and whether you are nutritionally healthy.

Based on the Ryodoraku (Meridian) theory developed by Dr. Yoshio NAKATANI, there are 12 Meridians in human body that can reflect the healthy condition of certain organs. The Royodoraku Health Monitor provides health assessments according to Dr. Nakatani's theory by analyzing and comparing their mutual relations and changes with micro electric current.



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