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Every offering in our natural skin care products line strikes a perfect balance between nature and science and is formulated using only the finest natural ingredients, combined with the latest technological advances from the scientific community.

Our Natural Skin Care Products will bring you the benefits of their wide array of special ingredients, leaving you with a revitalized, more radiant skin.
Collagen Facial Mask
Exclusive European blend mask treatment
USD $4.95 / CAD $4.95
Form-fitting fabric spa treatment mask soaked in collagen protein gel blend for skin-clearing, tightening, anti-oxidizing, lifting, purifying, moisturinzing, and more. With vitamins C & E, oat kernel extract, shea butter extract, and bacapa monniera extract.
Genuine innovation in dermatology
USD $33.95 / CAD $37.50 ~UP
DS Laboratories was launched in 1996 with the single-minded goal of developing state-of-the-art solutions for the skin care and hair removal industries. Today, DS Laboratories is a performance-oriented company backed by serious research and development. New product introductions are driven only by genuine advances in technology and performance.
Cellular Skin Rx
Active Ingredients That Work.
USD $33.95 / CAD $37.50 ~UP
Cellular Skin Rx was founded to provide men and women with simple but effective skincare products that include Active Ingredients that Work.™ No fluff. No outlandish claims. Just effective anti-aging formulations that will help your skin look its youngest, most radiant — its very best.Look your youngest, your most radiant, your very best. With Results-Oriented Skincare from Cellular Skin Rx.
Amino Genesis
Advanced Amino Acid Skin Care Products
USD $33.95 / CAD $37.50 ~UP
Amino acids are the basis for all living tissue on Earth. The skin is a living, breathing organ and needs an abundant supply of amino acids to function properly. These atural miracles? are the very building blocks needed for the creation of important skin proteins like collagen and elastin. Without amino acids the skin simply cannot function properly.
Dr. Michelle COPELAND
Trust your skin to the expert.
USD $8.95 / CAD $9.95 ~UP
Nobody understands your special skin care needs better than Dr. Michelle Copeland, preeminent plastic surgeon, biochemist, and author of Change Your Looks, Change Your Life. She has dedicated her entire distinguished career to helping women and men look younger, feel healthier, and live better. Now Dr. Copeland has applied her extensive knowledge of biochemistry to create effective skin care solutions..
Normal skin has an even tone, soft, a smooth texture, no visible pores or blemishes, and no greasy patches or flaky areas. This type of skin has a clear, fine-textured, supple and smooth surface which is neither greasy nor dry. It glows with an inner health which stems from good blood circulation and excellent health.
Dry Skin Type
Dry skin can be mild, moderate, and down right severe. Severe itching, cracking, crusts and oozing and bleeding are parts of severe dry skin problems. The medical term used at this stage is eczema, or eczematous dermatitis. Luckily, statistically, conditions usually do not progress to that point very often.
Oily Skin Type
Oils are produced by certain special glands in the skin. Some individuals have more glands than others.Oily skin is usually associated with large pores. Pores are the openings of tubes. These tubes connect the glands and the skin and can become plugged with oils, especially if they're thick. Bacteria then populate the backed-up pores. In some cases, various forms of acne can occur.
Your products are absolutely the best! I’ve tried a million skincare products out there and none compare to the results I’ve gotten using your products.”


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