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The Chi Health Device is best used on an empty stomach. Many people prefer to use it before breakfast and at night to assist deep sleep. Please use a room where you won't be disturbed—no phone or kids (soft music is OK). Hard floor with a carpet is best.

Place device on floor and plug in. Put a towel over the ankle rests to cushion your ankle bones (if you need to—or use the ankle covers offered on the order page).
Feet should hang past the ankle rests just enough so they will flop gently back and forth once the machine is turned on. Arms loosely at your sides, palms down. (This is the basic, or relaxing position. See below.) Do not use a pillow under your head, as this hinders the machine's motion from reaching your head. People with severe knee problems may need to place a rolled towel under their knees—although it's best not to do so, if possible.
The footrest will begin to move back and forth, carrying your feet briskly from side to side. This movement will carry up through your legs and torso, and throughout your entire body; causing you to wiggle back and forth—that's right, just like a goldfish swimming in water.

Once a timer is set (for devices with timers), the machine will begin to rock gently back and forth. As it does, your job will be to relax and "surrender" as much as possible and breathe deeply. This will allow the massage session to oxygenate your body.

IMPORTANT! WHEN THE MACHINE STOPS, LAY STILL for at least 30 seconds and breathe deeply. This is the time when the movement of healing Chi energy is felt circulating throughout the body.

Set timer (for devices with timers). Begin with 5 minutes, at least twice a day (or less if you have any major health problems. Some people can only start with 1 minute per day—that is OK—you can and WILL work up to more). Increase gradually to 10, 15 or even more minutes (normal graduation should be increases of 1 minute each week), twice a day (more if you wish).

It is recommended to drink some water before AND after using the machine to assist the lymphatic system to flush out.

For beginners, limit usage to 5 minutes. You can increase the time when you are more accustomed to it. (Normal graduation should be increases of 1 minute each week.)

Do not use the appliance: within 60 minutes after eating a meal (depending on health condition).

if you are not totally recovered from bone injury or after a surgery.

if you are not totally recovered from a bleeding wound or infected wound.

if you have heart problems.

if you are a pregnant woman.

If you feel abnormal pain or sense something wrong in your body after using the appliance, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician or your doctor.


The Three Positions (see illustrations at right)

A. Relaxing
Lying down with arms at sides.
For relaxation.

B. Stretching
Lying down with arms extended in upward position
A stretching position, more aerobic than the other positions.

C. Calming
Lying down with hands under head, as if floating.
Usually the most effective position for pain relief.


Chi machines are not meant to be used on a bed, but rather a firm surface for optimal swaying effect of the body. Mats, such as the ones that come with our Chi Series machines, keep you and your floor clean, and offer various features like cushion- ing, stimulation,
or non-slip

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IB3 Chi Series Mach­ines come with a longer warranty period than other chi machines for a reason: they are built to last. And to ensure your machine keeps running for years beyond the warranty, we offer service and full range of parts.


A) Relaxing Position
B) Stretching Position
C) Calming Position

Positions for Chi Health Machines


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