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iDream 1168 Head Massager
iDream 1168 Head Massager
iDream 1168 Head Massager - in Use
2 Temperature Settings:
Low 35°C - 38°C / High 39°C - 42°C
4 Vibration Settings:
Differing Vibration Patterns for Different Massage Functions
4 Custom Modes:
Combinations of Different Massage Functions
4 Digitally Controlled Air Pressure Settings:
Differing Patterns of Air Pressure Applied to Head and Temples
8 Sound Choices:
3 Musical + 5 Soothing Sounds of Nature
Feel the relaxation of taut muscles and constricted arteries at the front and back of the head, and on the scalp. Meanwhile there are comforting, calming sounds to suggest to your mind to let go, take a break from worry and just relax.

The head Massager iDream 1168 is suitable for any age and can run off rechargeable batteries as well as an AC Adaptor; you could even use it on your commute to work. Simply place it on your head and feel the tension miraculously leave your body.
iDream 1168 Head Massager - Features

iDream 1168 Head Massager - Components

iDream 1168 Head Massager - Control Panel
iDream 1168 Head Massager Control Panel
1. Power Jack
2. Sound Settings
3. Vibration Settings
4. Heat Settings
5. Delation Button
6. Air Pressure Settings
7. Timer
8. Backlit Digital LCD Display
9. Earphone Jack
iDream 1168 Head Massager - Air Pressure Intelligent Air Pressure
Its strategically positioned air cushions knead the head at critical points to provide soothing relief for headaches, stiff neck and fatigue. From the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is also targeting vital acupressure points.
iDream 1168 Head Massager -Pressure Points Massage Pressure Points Massage
The strategically placed air cushions and vibration of the Head Massager iDream 1168 work together with firm massage nodules on the scalp for a tingling, sensual feeling which relieves stress. The massage also coincides with important acupressure points.
iDream 1168 Head Massager - Vibration Massage Vibration Massage
The iDream 1168 Head Massager has 4 different vibration modes to optimize your head massage session. These can be custom-selected, or form part of automatic mode combinations that you can select using the Mode button.
iDream 1168 Head Massager - Sounds Soothing Sounds
Studies have shown that music and sounds can help you to relax, reduce stress, sleep better, and uplift your mood. Sounds complement and enhance the benefits of a good massage to improve your overall physical and mental well-being. The iDream 1168 Head Massager offers 8 calming sound selections.
iDream 1168 Head Massager - Warm Compress Feature Warm Compress Feature
As part of the mode combinations, with pressure or vibration, or custom-selected, the Warm Compress Feature delivers gentle warmth at the base of the skull. Enhances the air pressure massage, helps with chills, great for stiff or tense neck.
Install the batteries:
1. Slide battery cover on rear of controller downwards (towards cable).
2. Remove cover, and insert four AA batteries, aligned for correct polarity (see symbols on inside of battery case).
3. Replace battery cover.
1. Default Mode: the default mode is 15 minutes of massage with air pressure and relaxing music. The massage mode works continuously. You can custom-select music, time, vibration and air pressure functions.
2. Sounds Settings: Press the Sounds selection button to change the music. Press and hold to stop playing.
3. Air pressure Settings: Four different patterns of air pressure application.
4. Time Settings: 5, 10 or 15 Minutes.
5. Vibration Switch: Four Different patterns of vibration.
6. Warm Compress Settings: either Low or High heat.
7. Massage Mode Switch: Massage mode selection button: alternates as follows: air pressure + heating; air pressure + vibration; heating + vibration; air pressure + heating + vibration.
iDream 1168 Head Massager Technical Specifications
Voltage (V)
100 ~240
Power Supply
DV 6V or 4 AA batteries
Optimal Environment Temperature: 5°C -40°C
Relative Humidity < = 80%
Atmospheric Pressure
860 hpa ~ 1060 hpa
Massager: 230 x 220 x 234mm
Controller: 150 x 132 x 43 mm
Net Weight: 625 g
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Name iDream 1168 Head Massager
Item Code 0501000017
List Price
US $159.92 / CAD $159.92
Our Price US $99.95 / CAD $99.95
Warranty 1 Year
Shipping US $25.00 / CAD $25.00
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.

Name Reconditioned iDream 1168 Head Massager
Item Code 0501700017
List Price
US $127.92 / CAD $127.92
Our Price US $79.95 / CAD $79.95
Warranty 3 months labor, 3 months parts
Shipping US $25.00 / CAD $25.00
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.
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