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Pure bamboo charcoal, known as "black diamonds" in the beauty industry in Southeast Asia, is now introduced to North America. Made from natural bamboo, this health and beauty care product is a staple in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It has many uses from household to bedding to beauty care.
Bamboo charcoal absorbs unpleasant room odors and harmful substances, generates negative ions that can improve people's moods, and is known to filter and cleanse both water and air. Environmentally friendly, bamboo charcoal regains its effectiveness with easy maintenance.

Bamboo charcoal can purify water by absorbing the residual chlorine. It has natural sterilization and antiseptic functions. The walls of the its many minute cavities are capable of capturing various substances.

Bamboo charcoal absorbs moisture from humid air, and releases it during dry conditions. This makes it an excellent humidity regulator. It also has high content of minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron.
Packed Charcoal
Packed Charcoal
Packed Bamboo Charcoal(S)
( For Facial Cleaning ) ( 2pcs/pk )
Width x Length:
6.2x 7.0 (cm) / 2.4" x 2.8"
Weight: 15 g / 0.03 lb
Packed Bamboo Charcoal
( For Reducing Odor) ( 1pc/pk )
M: Width x Length:
9 x 14 (cm) / 3.6" x 5.6 "
Weight: 160 g / 0.35 lb
L: Width x Length:
12x 15 (cm) / 4.8 " x 6.0 "
Weight: 270 g / 0.6 lb
The Medium (M) and Large (L) packs include numerous pieces of charcoal sewn into a (white) fabric pack, contained in a (black) mesh bag with drawstrings and suction cup for hanging on shower or tub wall.
What is the difference compared with wood charcoal ?
Bamboo charcoal has countless small holes lengthwise and crosswise. If compared with wood charcoal, it has about four times the number of cavities, eight times the mineral constituents, and ten times the absorption power. Comparing the inner surface areas, that of wood charcoal is about 50 square meters per gram, while that of bamboo charcoal is about 300-700 square meters per gram, giving bamboo charcoal its astounding absorption effect.
Using Bamboo Charcoal in Daily Life
For Mattresses, Pillows, Cushions:
Bamboo charcoal gives off negative ions to relax you and help you to sleep. It will also warm your body with its amplification of far infrared rays. Absorbs excess humidity and odor, deters insect invasions, etc.
For Flower Vases:
Bamboo charcoal increases flower life. It enhances aeration and humidification. In pots, it neutralizes the oxidized soil and help plants grow.
For An Aquarium:
Bamboo charcoal helps keep the water tank clean.
Deodorant Effect, Regulation of Humidity, Purifying Air, Reducing Electromagnetic Waves From Electrical Appliances:
Place in living room, office etc.
For the Fryer:
Keeps oil in fresher condition and makes fries crispy.
For Your Bath:
Bamboo charcoal makes your skin soft and your body warm, just like taking a natural hotsprings or mineral bath, and it is also effective against athlete’s foot and dermatosis.
1. Put 270g bamboo charcoal or more into the mesh bag
2. Place the bag in the bathtub.
3. Add hot water.
4. Remove it after use.
  You can use one bag for up to two months. Bamboo charcoal works to protect your skin and keep it fresh and moist. It eliminates odors in the bath water and purifies the water. Rinse charcoal well in tap water about once a week.
Making Your Own Mineral Water :
1. Wash bamboo charcoal thoroughly with a brush or sponge. Never use detergent.
2. Put bamboo charcoal into water and boil over low heat for about 10 minutes.
3. Remove bamboo charcoal and allow to dry.
4. Put 100g bamboo charcoal into 1L water. Leave it for a few hours and your water is now mineral water.
5. Boil bamboo charcoal once a week for maximum effect. You can use the same charcoal for a month.
Cooking Tasty Rice
To remove the chlorine smell and absorb pesticides and other harmful residues in the rice we buy, and make it nutritious.
1. Wash bamboo charcoal well.
2. Place 3 pieces into rice cooker or cooking pot before cooking.
For Refrigerators:
Absorbs stale food odors, maintains the freshness of food, slows deterioration.
Encouraging Plant Growth:
Add bamboo charcoal with the fertilizer in flower pots or planters. The mineral components of bamboo charcoal dissolve, while it keeps plants fresh and gives them long life. It also reduces bad odors from water with its water purifying action.
Protection Against Dampness and Odor:
Put it in the car, in the shoe closet, in the bathroom or kitchen.
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Name Packed Bamboo Charcoal for general purposes - Large (270g)
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Name Packed Bamboo Charcoal for facial cleansing (S) 2pcs/pk
Item Code 0703000092
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