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Now introducing to North Americans beauty care products made from bamboo charcoal, which is called "black diamonds" by experts in the fashion industry in Southeast Asia. Here are two kinds of charcoal beauty soap: Bamboo Vinegar Crystals Facial Cleansing Soap, and Natural Black Bamboo Charcoal Facial Cleansing Soap.

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Bamboo charcoal can purify water by absorbing the residual chlorine, and contains acetic acid, and ethyl ether, which can provide sterilizing and antiseptic functions.

Bamboo charcoal soap can help soften roughness, clean and whiten the look of skin, prevent and retard skin diseases, absorb surplus oil and other metabolites, and improve skin condition.
Bamboo Vinegar Crystals Soap (Bamboo Vinegar Extract)
Bamboo Charcoal Vinegar Heal Soap Width x Length:
5.3 x 7.5 cm / 2.1" x 3.0"
Weight: 95 g / 0.21 lb
Natural Black Bamboo Charcoal Facial Soap (Bamboo Charcoal Extract)
Width x Length:
5.3 x 7.5 cm / 2.1" x 3.0"
Weight: 95 g / 0.21 lb
Features of Charcoal Soap:
1. Normal Soap Function
2. Special Properties of Bamboo Charcoal:

Bamboo charcoal soap contains rich mineral ingredients including calcium, magnesium, acetic acid, hydroxbenzene and so on which can impede growth of bacteria and relieve itch, leaving your skin smooth and clear, fresh and glowing.
The bamboo charcoal has great absorption ability. Its many cavities attract dirty, harmful substances, unpleasant odors, and chlorine in water. It releases minerals and trace elements as well as negative ions, leaving your skin warm and moisturized, refreshing and protecting it, as if you have bathed in a hotspring.


Special properties of Bamboo Vinegar:
Produced during the high-heat charcoal-making process, Bamboo Vinegar consists of acetic acid plus many other compounds, especially phenols like guaiacol and cresol. It has been used medicinally to treat eczema, atopic dermatitis, and other skin diseases; it is most commonly applied by adding to bath water. Bamboo vinegar is recognized as both anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.

What’s Bamboo charcoal ? How does Bamboo charcoal (takesumi) work ?
Bamboo charcoal, also called takesumi (takezumi) or chikutan (tikutan) in Japanese, is produced from bamboo which is carbonized under high temperature. There are innumerable holes crosswise in its structure. It is said that the inner surface of bamboo charcoal reaches 300 to 700 square meters per gram. Such a large area facilitates absorption of microbes, and the volatile bamboo charcoal contains rich nutrients for microbes. So the microbes bamboo charcoal absorbs can readily break down other absorbed substances. Bamboo charcoal also possesses rich trace elements and natural minerals, such as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron, etc. For all these reasons, bamboo charcoal finds wide use in agriculture, medicine, textiles, military affairs, electronics, and many other industries. For daily life it has the following uses:
Deodorant and air purifying agent: it absorbs odor and moisture, and releases negative ions, so it can be used in various rooms, and in situations of new materials, fresh paint, etc.
Purify polluted water, absorbing harmful substances, detergent, odors, etc.
Purify drinking water, absorbing chlorine, harmful materials and releasing minerals and trace elements.
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Name Bamboo Vinegar Crystals Facial Cleansing Soap
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Name Bamboo Charcoal Natural Black Facial Cleansing Soap
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