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AquaJogger ® - Aquatic Therapy
Why Prescribe Aquatic Therapy?

Impact Free
The use of warm moving water to rehabilitate or recondition patients has a long and documented history. In the mid-1980s, water therapy/fitness took a quantum leap forward with the development of the AquaJogger® Buoyancy Belt. Sustained, impact-free, deep water conditioning became practical.

Quicker Recovery, Lower Costs
Much of the medical industry today (including insurance providers) are recognizing that water therapy is playing a serious role in rehabilitation, work hardening, and general conditioning programs. Water conditioning is one of the few means of continuously rehabilitating the body which is accessible in both medical and public pool facilities, and may be safely used throughout a patient's life.

Insurance Coverage
Clinic-based and home/community-based aquatic therapy programs including AquaJogger have been successfully prescribed at orthopedic therapy and sports medicine clinics throughout the 1990s and beyond. Aquatic therapy and the AquaJogger belt are covered by many insurance carriers.
Note: Insurance billing is not performed by AquaJogger or Excel Sports Science, Inc.

Specific Physiological Responses
The effect of: water upon the body's systems results in several beneficial responses.
Immersion in water reduces pain signal feedback without medication
Water buoyancy eliminates the stress gravity places on injured or unfunctioning body systems
Water pressure enhances retum of lymphatic fluid and venous blood, stimulating circulation and reducing swelling in injured areas
Water viscosity allows a patient to easily regulate movements and avoid pain or over-exercising Water has a high specific heat, a quality which carries heat to injured tissues, further reducing inflammation and stimulating circulation, as well as increasing joint mobility and flexibility
Water induces relaxation and provides a feeling of psychological well-being
Water pressure increases blood volume per heart stroke, enhancing cardiac conditioning.

Treatment of Specific Conditions
Aquatic therapy has a record of usefulness in treating a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to the following:
Lower back injuries
Spinal cord injuries
Post-polio syndrome
Shoulder / neck injuries
Pelvic injuries
Cardiac conditions
Post-op ankle, knee and hip surgeries
Multiple sclerosis

Water Aerobics Exercise
Water Aerobics Exercise
Water Aerobics Exercise
Water Aerobics Exercise
AquaJogger Tips
Getting the Right Fit:
It is important to correctly position and secure the AquaJogger onto your body. A snug fit will help you maintain good posture and perform the exercises correctly. If your AquaJogger is riding up on your body and interfering with your movements, review the following guidelines.
Correct Vertical Posture:
The key to any safe, effective exercise or movement is correct body alignment. Initially, as you adjust to the buoyancy you may find yourself hunching over in the water. To adapt to this new environment and attain correct body position, lean back slightly and try a small flutter kick with your feet directly under you.


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