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The therapeutic application of heat is a non-invasive practice. It encourages muscle relaxation, diminishes stiffness, locally increases blood circulation, stimulates the immune system… It is effective against pain.
Use the included concentrator to focus on a specific point and treat in just a few seconds
Apply a penetrating heat precisely on trigger points or on a painful area, relieving stiffness
Take advantage of all the benefits of medium and long infrared heat for muscle and joint disorders

Premio 10 Moxa

Whether it's a neighbor in your clinic who doesn't like the smell, or you're concerned with the constant smoke and fumes, we're hearing from more and more of you that you're looking for an alternative to burning moxa. The innovative Premio 10 Moxa device is perfect for the busy clinic where moxa smoke and smell can be an issue. Just plug it in, turn it on, and it's instantly at temperature and ready to use. No flame required!

Using an infrared emitter, the Premio 10 Moxa has an equivalent emission spectrum to that of burning moxa (Artemisia). Just hold the Premio as though you're holding a moxa roll. Your clinical experience with moxa is instantly applicable using the Premio 10.

Premio 10 Moxa - Details
With the Premio 10 moxa as with Artemisia, the same spectral band, and the same distribution between short, medium and long infrared, ensures an equivalent mobilisation of the physiological receptors, whatever the type and depth.
You and your patient will therefore rediscover the sensations and results of moxibustion with Artemisia.
But what you will not have, because of safe electric power, is:
- lighting the moxa
- putting it out, toxic smoke
- the strong odor, permeating clothes and walls, even stairwells…
- the risks of burns from falling ash
- patient fear of burns
Further, a Concentrator (removable accessory delivered with the appliance) specially designed so you can, if you wish, focus the radiation on a precise
          point. Just slide the Concentrator onto the emitter and work with it as if
            it were a stick of incense. After a few seconds without feeling heat,
              your patient will describe a tingling sensation of deep penetration of
                 heat, which has led us to call this technique the "thermal needle!"
The emitter designed for the Premio 10 moxa has spectral emission characteristics replicating those of burning Moxa (Artemisia).
It behaves like an almost perfect black body, and, when in use, the emitter is stabilized at 850° C, and has a spectral peak to 2.6 μm.
Thus, by way of counter-example, a halogen type emitter, where the emission spectrum is much shorter, and centred on the visible, will not provide the same energy absorbed by the body, even (and especially) if it is at a very high temperature. The patient will almost immediately feel burning, and also very little radiation will penetrate the tissue, being outside the skin’s window of sensitivity.
Premio 10 Moxa Spectrum
Premio 10 Moxa - Traditional Moxa Spectrum
In acupuncture
Familiar gestures, known results

The applications are obviously those of moxibustion, applied up until now using a roll of Artemisia.
The similarity with Artemisia means that you immediately rediscover all the gestures that you are used to with a roll of moxa, a precise approach, the reactions of your patient to the sensation of heat,…and the results !
Whenever you have to tone (or disperse), reinforce the Yang or fill an energy emptiness, the Premio 10 moxa provides stimulation in accordance with the instructions of the old texts and modern discoveries.
Premio 10 Moxa - Application
The "Heat Needle" Effect - A tingling penetrating heat
The Concentrator, a removable accessory, focuses infrared radiation on an area of a few mm².
Apply the Premio 10 moxa by contact (the insulation protects against burning) or very close to the skin. After a few seconds, your patient will feel a tingling sensation of very localized, penetrating heat in the underlying tissue. A quick, specific effect, precise therapeutic action, for the stimulation of a point in depth.
Premio 10 Moxa - Application
In Auricular Therapy - A new stimulation technique
Equipped with the Concentrator, you work on a zone or point, to invalidate it. A much safer and less painful method than cauterization with a stick, without needles (avoiding the stress from the sting for your patient).
You apply strong energy stimulation for an immediate and extended action.
This original stimulation technique opens wide the doors of investigation.
Premio 10 Moxa - Application
In Local Heat Treatment - A precise, safe, effective application
The stimulation of the reflex points noticeably improves chronic pathologies :
- the decrease of muscular or articular pain
- the relaxation of contractures and muscular spasms
- the mobilisation of the structures involved in tissue regeneration, the resorption of chronic inflammation,
the immune system defences
- an increase in local blood flow, improving the supply of nutrients and eliminating toxins
Premio 10 Moxa - Application
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FDA-Listed, With Canadian Medical Device License No. 72302,
& Meets CE Standards

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