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Acupuncture Stimulator KWD 808 I



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The KWD 808 I Acupuncture Stimulator is a professional level acupuncture appar­atus designed for detection of acupuncture points, massage (TENS), and for applying acupuncture (electro-needle therapy) and magneto-therapy.

Just like its sister model, the KWD-808 II, the KW080I features a built-in timer and can output 5 different kinds of waveforms, each indicated by a symbol which lights up when selected. However, unique features specific to only this model include 2 detection jacks, 6 outputs, and a design tailored chiefly for clinics and hospitals.


  • Provides electro-needle therapy
  • Alternative to Hand Massage
  • Enables needle-less acupuncture-pulse electric therapy
  • Assists the detection of acupoints
  • Multi-Purpose Health Device


  • Adjustable frequency and intensity
  • Adjustable sensitivity probe point Locator
  • Five wave form selection buttons with illuminating wave form graphics
  • 2 independent indicator lights for frequency and power
  • Use with adaptor or 6 "C" batteries
  • Operating output protection with error signal tone for incorrect use
  • 6 outputs, plus 2 detection outputs
  • Includes adhesive electrode pads and lead wires, acupoint detecting pen, and output wires.
  • Built-in timer


This acupuncture stimulator features five kinds of wave forms, all very safe, with low frequencies equal to that of the human body. The following five wave forms may be used at the same time or separately, and the output of each one may be reg­ulated independently. For increased effect, two or more outputs can be used simultaneously.


Continuous Wave

Pulse duration r = (0.5 +/- 0.15) ms; Repeated pulse frequency: f1=( 1+/- 0.5 ) Hz to ( 100 +/- 10) Hz. and FREQ1 can be regulated continuously, Max Output pulse amplitude: 40V +/- 10V (Load 500 O.)


Dense-Disperse Wave

Dense & disperse waves display altern­atively. Disperse frequency: f1 (same with base wave); Dense frequency: 100 Hz. Pulse duration: 0.5ms. FREQ2 regu­lates the frequency f2 of (10 +/- 3) to (50 =/- 10) cycles per min. Max Output pulse amplitude: 40V +/- 10V (Load 500 O.)

KWD808-I Intermittent Wave

Intermittent Wave

Pulse shows at regular interval at the same frequency.

KWD808I Ripple Wave

Ripple Wave

Amplitude increases to maximum then drops to zero suddenly, and repeats. Frequency: (10 +/- 3) to (50 +/- 10) cycles /min. The Max output plus ampli­tude range is over 5V to 30V (load 500 O.).

KW808I Respiration Wave

Respiration Wave

Amplitude increases first, then drops quickly to zero, and repeats. At 1kO load Vp3 = 24V, other pulse data are same as above.


A. APD Dial

B. Detection Pen Jack

C. Wave Display Screens

D. Basic Frequency Control

E. Output Light

F. Output Regulators (6)

G. Rectangular Output Jacks (6)

H. Wave Selection Buttons

I. Detection Button

J. Power Light

K. Interval Frequency

L. Power Button

M. Detection Pen Jack

N. Timer Dial

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Turning on the device

Connect the A/C adaptor to the A/C jack at the rear of the device, or, insert 6 "C" cell batteries into the battery compartment underneath the device. Ensure no waveform buttons are depressed, with detection button on and timer off, otherwise error tone (song) will sound. Press the Power button to "ON" position, confirmed by the power indicator light.

Acupoint Detection

When detecting acupoint, ensure timer is set to "OFF", and press detection button to "ON". Insert the acupoint locator plug into "detective out" socket (A or B), then adjust the "APD" knob until hearing a sound cue. Then, slowly adjust counter-clockwise until a suitable setting is found. Now hold the pen in your hand and place the point on your body until both a signal and light appear which shows the exact location of acupoints.

Based on the fact that the resistance of certain body points is lesser than others, and due to differing skin electrical resistances due to sex, age, health, and season, the electric current used must be adjusted slowly until comfortable.

Wave Form Selection

When selecting a waveform, ensure the timer is set to "On" position, and that all output frequency knobs are turned all the way down, otherwise, the error tone will sound. Multiple waveforms can be selected at the same time by holding down the respective buttons simultaneously. Once the device is powered, the output can be increased for each channel. The following traits describe the different wave forms that can be used for various applications (electro acupuncture, massage, etc):

  • Analgesic: Continuous Wave (Dense wave), Dense-Disperse wave.
  • Temporarily stimulate local circulation: Dense-Disperse wave.
  • Muscle & nerve excitement: Intermittent, Respiration, Ripple and Disperse waves.
  • Stimulation of collagenous tissue: Disperse wave.


Insert acupuncture needle into patient's acupoint, and connect the ouput clips to the needle. Regulate output strength as needed.

Electro Pulse Massage

Affix the two electric-conductive rubber pieces to the place to be massaged (or to the areas of girth). Then, connect the lead wires to the pads, while plugging the other end of the wire into any one of the output sockets in the lower part of the device. Several output ends may be used at the same time for enhancing the rehabilitation.

Accessories for the KWD808-I Acupunctoscope

1. Self-adhesive electrode pads x 4

2. Acupoint detecting pen x

3. Lead wires for the adhesive pads x 2

4. Output wires x 6

5. All wires (except adaptor) feature new rectangular female plug

6. 100-240V All-Purpose A/C Adaptor (50/60Hz, 0.2A Max)


A/C 110V, D/C 9V
</= 4VA
<5 W
6 "C" Size Batteries
DIMENSIONS 222mm x 172mm x 75mm
Tone (song) sounds on error
4 electropads with 2 lead wires, 1 detection pen, 6 alligator clip output wires
Rectangular female
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Anatomic Models
Acupuncture Points in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):
Acupoints used in treatment may or may not be in the same area of the body as the targeted symptom. The TCM theory for the selection of such points and their effectiveness is that they work by stimulating the meridian system to bring about relief by rebalancing yin, yang and qi (also spelled "chi"). This theory is based on the paradigm of TCM, not that of science.

Body acupoints are generally located by a measurement technique that is calibrated according to their proportional distances from various landmark points on the body. Acupoint location usually depends on specific anatomical landmarks that can be palpated. There are nearly 400 basic acupoints on the meridians. Many of these basic points are rarely used. Some points are considered more therapeutically valuable than others, and are used very frequently for a wide array of health conditions.

Categories of body acupuncture points:
1. The Five Transport Points system describes the flow of qi in the channels using a river analogy, and ascribes function to points along this flowline accor­d­ing to their location.
2. The Five Phase Points system ascribes each of the five phases - wood, fire, earth, metal and water - to one of the Five Transporting points.
3. Xi-cleft points are the points on the channel where the qi and blood gather and plunge more deeply.
4. Yuan-source points are points on the channel from where the yuan qi can be accessed.
5. Luo-connecting points are located at the point on the channel where the luo meridian diverges.
6. Back-shu points lie on the paraspinal muscles on either side of the spine.
7. Front-mu points are located in close proximity to the respective organ.
8. Hui-meeting points are a category of points that are considered to have a "special effect" on certain tissues and organs.


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