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The acupressure roller uses an acupuncture-without-needles technique to help relax and ease pain from sore muscles, by applying hundreds of gleaming pressure points over a small area of the body, or even over the acupressure points of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying pressure to certain points on the body to relieve pain. The human body has fourteen "meridians" that carry energy throughout the body. These meridians start at the fingertips, connect to the brain, and then connect to the organ associated with the specific meridian. Acupressure deals with all the aspects of a person as a whole: body, emotions, mind, and spirit as one, not as separate parts. It relaxes muscular tension and balances the vital life forces of the body.
1. Relieve stress and tension
2. Relax mind and body
3. Temporarily stimulate circulation in the local area
4. Encourage the detoxification process
5. Provide relief from head, neck and shoulder aches
6. Promote the healing of injuries
7. Increase energy levels
8. Increase overall feeling of well-being
9. Soothe and allay labor pains
Portable, foldable and perfectly designed for a comfortable grip in any size of hand with dozens of hand-crafted points on the rollers, to provide stimulating relief for Home and Professional Use.
Gently press the rollers into acupressure points.
Roll the pointed surfaces between the palms of your hands, on the soles of your feet for a refreshing self-treatment, on your neck, back, shoulders, joints and legs...
Caution: Improper use of these tools can cause pain or injury. These tools are designed for use by healthy and aware adults and are not to be used in cases of spinal injury or by those who cannot lift themselves. The folding model requires sufficient flexibility to reach fully behind your back, so you can re-position the Roller. Consult your health care practitioner before starting any kind of self-treatment programs.
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Anyone who has undergone massage will tell you about the spreading relaxation, increased warmth in local areas, and the stimulation of circulation they experience. Medical studies indicate changes in such things as blood flow; epidermal and cardiovascular function, pain threshold, muscular tone; psychological variables that are so important to maintaining a healthy metabolism. Increases in perspiration and the movement of muscles or internal organs are palpable benefits. In the theories of acupuncture, reflexology and related fields, massage applied to important areas (acupoints) can work to rebalance the flow of Chi in the body, which is why practitioners in those fields use massage techniques.
Scientific studies indicate that massage may result in significant relief of pain, in flexibility, in improvements in sleep, reduction in anxiety, and other factors. More effectiveness is usually seen when massage is combined with overall good health disciplines like exercise, healthy psychological practices, nutrition, and adquate rest. Many recognize massage as a good adjunct to fitness and weight-loss programs, for relief of stress, or of constipation. Pressure massage is the mainstay of reflexology, while traditional and alternative medicine considers that harmonizing the Chi through massage leads to long-term health outcomes such as strength, resistance to disease, and a better quality of life.


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