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Bubble Jet Massagers
IB3 Health Best Sellers

Chi Energizer
(Chi Machine)

Chi Energizer Massager

I-Spa Infrared Sauna

I-Spa Infrared Sauna

PFM002 Vibration Unit

PFM002 Power Fit Vibration Unit

Steam Sauna IG-130

Steam Sauna IG-130

6-Speed Slimming
Belt Massager

6-Speed Slimming Belt MassagerIB3 Top BestsellersTrustworthy Site Security & Privacy Accepted Payment

Bath & Spa

Wholesale products including our popular body vibration units and other fitness devices, portable steam saunas, and bubble jets.


PFM-2000 Robust Vibration Exerciser

PFM-002 Robust Vibration Unit

Multispeed, multi­program, with 300 lb user capacity

  6-Speed Beauty Belt Massager DS-166T

6-Speed Beauty Belt Massager

With pivoting foot plate & additional beaded belt

PFM-006 Round VIbration Unit

PFM-006 Round Vibration Unit

Multispeed, multi­program, with 320 lb user capacity

  PFM-004C Vibration Platform

PFM-004C Vibra-
tion Platform

Multispeed, multi-
program, with remote control.

Silver Mink V-988 Belt Massager & Vibration Unit

Silver Mink V-988 Belt Massager & Vibration Unit

Versatile unit for sitting or standing

  Hula Chair

Hula Chair

Works abs with gyrating motion just like hula dancing


Air Stepper

Air Stepper

Hydraulic step exerciser with re- sistance arm bands

  Leg Miracle

Leg Miracle

Sliding leg motion works thighs and core. Collapsible.

Twist & Shaper Stepper SC-S008

Twist & Shaper Stepper SC-S008

Twisting Hydraulic Stepper with resist- ance arm bands

  Roll Stepper

Roll Stepper

Stepper combines elastic resistance with rocking motion. Tones legs & core.

Figure Trimmer Massager / Exerciser

Figure Trimmer Exerciser

Body toning, with reflexology points

  Mambo Twister JS-208

Mambo Twister JS-208

Pivoting portable exercisers work legs and core

Select PVC Yoga Mat

Select PVC
Yoga Mat

68 "x24"x 1/4"

  Photon Beauty Massager SD 956IR

Yoga Towel

Super absorbent yoga blanket

66.5" x 25.5"


See also Infrared Saunas in Wholesale Infrared Products

Beauty Home Steam Sauna IG-290P

Beauty Home Steam Sauna

Full-body height, portable unit

  Beauty Home Steam Sauna IG-130

Beauty Home Steam Sauna

Deluxe, portable, with accessories.

Beauty Home Steam Sauna IG-170

Beauty Home Steam Sauna

Portable unit with accessories

  Turbo Spa

Turbo Spa
Jet Massager JTMY-301

Bubble jet massager for bathtubs

Oxygen-Ion Turbo Spa Massager JTM-302

Oxygen-Ion Turbo Spa Mas­sager JTM-302

Massage jet
with purifying tourmaline

  Ozone Supersonic Bubble Massager

Ozone Super­sonic Bubble Massager

Creates powerful ozone bubbles

Ozone Supersonic Bubble Massager Digital

Ozone Super­sonic Bubble Massager Digital

Deluxe model with ozone bubbles

  Eco Laundry Balls

Eco Laundry Balls

This pair will save the environment and save money

Chi Machine: Chi Energizer CY106, Chi Flow CY106L
Improved design, No1 best seller
Features a unique elliptical motion pattern.
Complete part collection
Move Chi throughout the entire body, Restorative Energy
Infrared Sauna
our devices are certified to the medical standard, UL60601.1, cETLus for US and Canada.
Canadian Medical Device Licence No. 64148
Improved Design plus an additional ceramic heater and ionizer
TDP Lamp
Big Plate More Minerals
meets cETLus certification standards and FDA Listed
Complete Stock of TDP replacement parts
Certification: our devices are certified to medical standards, CE and GS.
Everything Included!
- Sauna Tent
- Steam Pot
- Sauna Stool
- Head Cover
- Waterproof Mat
- Foot Plate
- Glove
- Connecting Hose
- Supply Hose
Only offers a line of replacement parts to keep your sauna running like new for years.
From the original factory-We are still the number 1 supplier of the phenomenal chair.
Only offers a line of replacement parts.
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