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Bubble Jet Massagers
IB3 Health Best Sellers

Chi Energizer
(Chi Machine)

Chi Energizer Massager

I-Spa Infrared Sauna

I-Spa Infrared Sauna

PFM002 Vibration Unit

PFM002 Power Fit Vibration Unit

Steam Sauna IG-130

Steam Sauna IG-130

6-Speed Slimming
Belt Massager

6-Speed Slimming Belt MassagerIB3 Top BestsellersTrustworthy Site Security & Privacy Accepted Payment
It's easy to make a purchase at our web store. For your convenience, we accept:
Visa ( USD & CAD)
Master Card ( USD & CAD)
American Express ( Both USD and CAD. However, USD charges are converted -- see below.*)
Money Orders
T/T ( Minimum order of $200 is required.)
Personal Cheques, subject to approval. Cheques Returned Unpaid are subject to a US$30.00 processing fee.
Company Cheques. Cheques Returned Unpaid are subject to a US$20.00 processing fee.
Payments in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
North American transactions are billed in local currency of the place where purchase is initiated. For Canadian billing addresses, the local currency is Canadian (CAD). For US and foreign billing addresses, payment is in USD.

For orders where a very large payment will be required, and for International Orders (Outside North America) we may specify special payment arrangements in order to fulfil the order, such as:

Confirmation of your order with us, by means of a photocopy of both sides of your credit card with signature on it, to be sent to us by fax or email.
Note that personal information collected here is for the purpose of processing payment only and will be kept confidential. Your credit card will not be charged and order will not be shipped until we receive your reply accepting the correct delivery charges.
Wire Transfer Payment, plus additional bank charges to cover the cost of the Wire Transfer.
*Special Note: Conversion of Billing Amounts on American Express Charges

If you pay by American Express Card in US Dollars, the final amount may be different due to fluctuations in currency between Canadian Dollars and US Dollars.

However, if you choose instead to pay with VISA or Mastercard, your billing amount will be exactly as shown.

Here is a brief explanation: When you pay us with American Express, the charges are in Canadian Dollar funds. USD amounts billed to American Express cards undergo a conversion at the current bank exchange rate.

The exact amount of the final billing will depend on the current day's exchange rate for the day the transaction is processed. The rate is not known in advance.

Visa or Mastercard transactions do not undergo this conversion, and so they are processed exactly as shown at the time of billing.

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