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Parcel Tracking, Shipping Rates, and Orders Outside of The US and Canada
Usually orders are shipped by Postal Expedited Parcel.
Other means of delivery including UPS, FedEx, etc., are also available upon request.
Tracking Your Parcel
Once your order has been shipped, an invoice with the tracking number is immediately emailed to the mailbox that you provided during the ordering process.
Use that tracking number to track your order on the appropriate link below:
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
All About Shipping Fees
Outside of Canada and the US
1. While we accept and deliver orders worldwide, shipping charges displayed on our product pages are meant for contiguous US and Canadian destinations only. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and to countries other than the US and Canada is not included in the total checkout amount.
2. You will receive an email confirmation after submitting an international order and be advised of the shipping charge for delivery to your destination soon after. If you would like to have an approximation of the shipping cost in advance, see the Expedited Parcel Shipping Rate Estimator below.

Shipping charges do not include any local duties and taxes. The recipient will be responsible for any such charges upon delivery.

International Shipping Methods

We can use either of these methods at your request for international orders (method available depends on the destination). Express Shipping or Air Parcel Post allow for shipment tracking so that we can be sure of delivery to you within a reasonable time. They may take as few as 7 business days, but delivery in less than 3 to 4 weeks cannot be guaranteed. While the actual shipping time is low, it is possible that shipments get delayed in customs of intervening countries, or are subject to scheduling decisions by carrier airlines. You must supply a recipient's name and telephone number for Express shipping or Air Parcel Post.


We can offer this economical ground service at your request.
The surface parcel post shipping methods take from 8 Weeks to 3 Months, and cannot be tracked.


For more information on our general shipping policy, or for questions on shipping, visit our Shipping and Handling Page.


Important Information About International Orders

1. Please note that special terms may apply to International Orders, including payment by wire transfer. See "LARGE AMOUNTS / INTERNATIONAL TERMS", in Payment Terms.
2. We will need to contact you for confirmation on shipping charges prior to shipment outside North America, so please be sure to include your phone and fax numbers together with your email address.
3. All international orders will be cancelled automatically if we do not receive your confirmation within one week. However, any responses regarding order cancellation are greatly appreciated.
4. On some of our products, we have alternate models available, for use in countries where the current is 220 Volts. If you are ordering for use on 220 Volt circuits, please be sure that your order specifies 220 Volts.
All the electrical products we sell are available for North American use, running at 110 Volts. For some of our products, we have alternate models available, for use in countries where the current is 220 Volts. If you are ordering for use on 220 Volt circuits, please be sure that your order specifies 220 Volts. Most of our electrical devices, however, are available only in 110 volts--unless otherwise stated in the product page. For devices to be used in countries with 220 volt power supply, a special order may be necessary, with lead time of 8 to 12 months. Alternately, a step down transformer / converter has to be used.
For postal shipping to some shipping destinations (for example, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore) we are unable to ship items valued at more than $99.00 because insurance for them is unobtainable. Other shipping methods, such as UPS or Fedex, may have no limit on insurance value, but are also more expensive than postal shipping.
Delivery times may be lengthy for some international destinations, and also unpredictable. Reasons vary, and include actions beyond our control, such as a decision to reduce the frequency of flights by carrier airlines. Our shipments to European countries have encountered delays of this kind in the past.
Some destinations are known to present problems we are unable to solve. For instance, the extreme likelihood of loss during shipping has made us discontinue shipments to India.
When considering placing an order with us to an international destination, you should have an idea of the high costs of shipping. Keep in mind that these costs not only apply for the initial shipment, but in the event that any after-service is required. You can use the Expedited Parcel Shipping Rate Estimator, below, to get an approximation of shipping costs for a particular item. For a general idea of shipping costs, we offer the following table with examples of shipping charges to various countries, based on common weights and values.
Weight under 0.5 kg and
Value under $99.00
Weight under 8 kg and
Value under $199.00
Country Express/ AIR Shipping Surface/ Ground Shipping Express/ AIR Shipping Surface/ Ground Shipping
UK $58.50 $36.00 $195.00 $101.00
France $58.50 $36.00 $195.00 $101.00
Netherlands $58.50 $36.00 $195.00 $101.00
Russia $65.00 $41.00 $239.00 $119.00
Lithuania $65.00 $41.00 $239.00 $119.00
Bulgaria $65.00 $41.00 $239.00 $119.00
Egypt $70.50 $43.50 $274.00 $127.00
Saudi Arabia $70.50 $43.50 $274.00 $127.00
South Africa $70.50 $43.50 $274.00 $127.00
Mexico $40.50 $30.00 $143.00 $87.00
Argentina $65.00 $40.00 $238.00 $115.00
Hong Kong $63.00 $39.00 $208.00 $112.00
Singapore $63.00 $39.00 $347.00 $206.00
(Use with product specifications)
International Shipping Estimator

After placing your order, we will send you confirmation of the shipping cost. If you would like an approximation of the shipping cost in advance, click the link at left. Although the exact cost is based on outer package dimensions and weight (gross), you can get a rough idea of the cost by entering the product dimensions and net weight, usually listed in the specifications of each product page. Our postal code is V6P 6R4.

If ordering multiple items, we try to save you shipping costs by putting the items together. We will let you know the shipping cost in an order confirmation email, after you have placed your order.

Exchange Rate Calculator

If you live in a country that uses currency other than US or Canadian dollars, you can calculate your exchange rate at left.

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