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Steam Sauna IG-130

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IB3 Health Centre ( is a website of YCY Better Health Centre, an international exporter/importer since 1987 and specializing in the distribution of health products. Although we ship worldwide, our primary customers are based in America and Canada, who like the fact that we keep shipping affordable and hassle-free for both countries. And for even better service, we have offices on the west coast in both the US and Canada.

We are also an active wholesale and retail company, registered with the Better Business Bureau. Our products extend to customers worldwide, including the best-selling Chi Machine, InfraSpa, and NeckSoft Traction products, acupuncture needles, books and teaching aids, moxibustion supplies, clinical supplies, and a variety of health massage products.

Our goal is to bring you the newest and latest in development of health devices from around the world. Our product line includes a complete range of home and spa beauty products, Neck Traction, Infrared Saunas, Steam Spas, Body Massagers and Acupuncture Devices to improve your health and revitalize your energy.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best value, real-time service, and top-notch quality in our products and services: Our distributors in Asia ship directly to us to provide you with the best prices on the market. All of our products are shipped same-day, from our warehouse direct to our customers via UPS or regular mail. To fully meet your requirements and increase your satisfaction, we welcome your comments or suggestions, 7 days a week.


Business Hours:
Monday ~ Friday:
8:30 AM ~ 5:30 PM local time (PST)
(11:30 AM ~ 8:30 PM EST)
Saturday and Sunday closed.

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Every 2 weeks we put up a Facebook posting, and a quick and convenient tweet to keep customers up to date with our latest and greatest products. You can also see videos of some of our key products on YouTube, or subscribe to our channel to ensure you never miss out!
If you are in our administrative office area and thinking of visiting us, check the Contact Us link for exact location.
We sell to both the non-professional home user and the professional clinic or practitioner. Our customers are mainly from the USA and Canada, although we ship to different countries all over the world. Together, we make sure the best health product is delivered into your hands at the greatest savings. Our company is the official importer and distributor for the well-known line of Huan Qiu disposable acupuncture needles. Working in collaboration with our manufacturers, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest level of quality as the leading distributor in the acupuncture community.

From our acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) base, our company has grown into a major retail supplier of TCM and acupuncture books and supplies, and a wide range of alternative health products. To ensure the best possible service to our retail customers, we have offices established in Canada as well as the USA (see below).

As a retailer, wholesaler and importer/exporter, we are looking for partners who are interested in helping distribute our products across North America.

Some people want to know where our name comes from. "IB3" stands for "Inner Balance 3," that is "inner balance" of the three aspects of the whole human being: mind, body, spirit. Our goal is to provide products that help people to attain this inner balance.
To be able to provide the best possible service, we have offices in both the USA and Canada:
USA Office:
Wellsprings Products, Inc.
1465 Slater Road,
Ferndale, WA 98248
  Canadian Office:
YCY Better Health Centre
9265 Shaughnessy Street
Vancouver, BC V6P 6R4
Full Contact Information and Business Hours on our Contact Us page.
Note: we do not accept returns unless pre-authorized. Please see "Return Policy" Under "Order Info" and do NOT send goods, checks, money, money orders or other items of value to the above USA OFFICE address. Our USA Office is dedicated to expediting out-bound merchandise, and not administrative matters. Slow responses will result from attempting to send these items to the USA office.
YCY Better Health Centre is a worldwide wholesale and retail distributor. With most of our customers in North America, many others come from different parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, South America, Asia and the Middle East. We focus on introducing the newest in alternative health developments to our customers.
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